FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve just placed an order. What happens now?
ClassicSelect World will send you an email when you place your order.
We have some items available for shipping immediately, but in most cases we draw our items for sale from 2 main warehouses in the United States. The vast majority of items will be sent to our customers within 3 days of the order being placed.

Orders will be shipped from New Jersey.

Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped from our location.

For orders being shipped outside the USA, we offer a range of carriers, usually USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx. 

2. I need to return one or more items from my order. How do I arrange for a return?
If you need to return an item, please contact us at orders@classicselectworld.com. We will send you a return mailing label via email. The credit for the item will be applied when the item arrives at our location. 

If you were sent an item in error, we do ask that you please return this item, and we will send you the correct item, or credit you if we do not have that item in stock. We will also send you a prepaid label to facilitate this return. 

3. How do I cancel or make changes to my order?
It is impossible to change an order once it is placed by using our web site, but if you email us at orders@classicselectworld.com we can delete an item from an order before it ships. Adding an item, however, is not possible for that specific order, but we can create a new second order, and offer a continuing discount or free shipping if that new item causes your order to cross the threshold.

Any changes must take place before the order has shipped. We will be unable to make any changes after the order has shipped. However, contact us and we’ll always try and accommodate a reasonable request.

4. Did my order go through?
You should receive an email immediately after your order has been placed. You can also check on your account page, if you chose to create an account when you checked out.
You will also receive emails when an order ships from our warehouse.

When an order is enroute, you’ll receive an order on the day your order is expected to be delivered, and you will also receive an email after your order is delivered.
We can also take your mobile phone number and you will receive texts updating you on the progress of your order.

5. Do you backorder items?
Well, yes and no. We don't intentionally sell items that are out of stock. However, we do ship from multiple warehouses, so some orders may ship incomplete, as the order is compiled from various warehouses, an order may be split in multiple parts.

The CD market being what it is, particularly CD boxed sets go out of stock relatively quickly and are restocked on an occasional basis, so we are often bounced around with notices as to delivery dates on restocked titles. 

In some cases, we will inform you if there is going to be a delay of more than a few days in obtaining and sending you the items you have ordered. We will send an email regarding any items that we are informed that need to be shipped to us from overseas warehouses 

Also, any time you share stock with a number of retailers, items go out of stock unexpectedly and before we can update stock levels - and in the case of some labels, we do have issues with incorrect stock levels, incorrect UPC numbers or other issues that will reflect that we have an item in stock when our suppliers don't. 

6. Does ClassicSelect World ship outside of the U.S. and Canada?
ClassicSelect World does ship anywhere in the world. When you place your order and put in your shipping address, you will see a range of options for shipping to your location. 

7. How do I update my email address/password?
You can change your password at any time. If you forgot your password, just click on the icon on the home page that looks like a person without a face and the instructions for changing your password is there.

8. How much do you charge for shipping? 
We charge you what we are charged - there are no extra fees for shipping.

Rates for international packages are determined by weight. 

11. I don’t like placing orders via a web site. Can I place my order in any other fashion?
Yes, please contact us via email and we will set an appointment to complete your order over the phone. We do not accept checks for orders at this time, so please do not send us checks for orders.
Normally we will create the order in advance, and then call you to take your payment information over the phone. That way the entire process will only last a few moments of your time.
We can only take payments using a credit card over the phone. PayPal and Amazon Pay can not be used over the phone.

12. How do I contact ClassicSelect World Customer Service?
Please contact us at questions@classicselectworld.com, or orders@classicselectworld.com. If you have an issue with an order that is delayed, or damaged you can contact us by calling 1 551 282 9895. 

13. Is ClassicSelect World associated with ClassicSelect.com?
No. ClassicSelect World is an international company that is based in London. Some employees of ClassicSelect World have worked for ClassicSelect.com but there is no legal connection between the two companies.

14. I have issues with existing orders that were placed on ClassicSelect.com. Can you help?
If you need any help with existing and unfulfilled orders from ClassicSelect.com, please email orders@classicselect.com. You will be issued a refund for any existing unfulfilled orders from ClassicSelect, but those refunds will be issued via the ClassicSelect entity. ClassicSelect World has no connection with any orders placed with ClassicSelect.com.

Please contact greg@classicselectworld.com and we can discuss any issues regarding refunds from ClassicSelect. 

16. I'm on the email list - what happens?

We use the email list for promoting sales on our site. ClassicSelect World usually sends out 2-3 emails a week announcing the current items on sale. That list is never rented or given to other organizations.