Since the start of our store (as ClassicSelect) we have offered a discount for a purchase of $40 or more. We were able to do this because we inherited a tremendous number of discs for a bargain-basement price. We spent many years selling through these discs, and we also scoured the earth to find additional titles that we could sell at low prices and with additional discounts. 

While this program was very successful, we were not always able to find items that allowed us to offer the additional discount. ALSO - we were not able to find a piece of software that could show the price of a boxed set AFTER the discount. That is, if a set's list price was over $40, we wanted to show our customers - before they put the item in the cart - what their price would be. We weren't able to do that, and we discovered that it made customers less interested in buying an item, since they thought the price we showed was the final price. 

So starting today - the price you see will be the price you will pay. 

Now - instead of a discount, we're offering a chance to get a great boxed set at half price. You can shop, and then add the box, or you can add the box first and see if you can reach the $30 threshold. If you do, you'll see the box with the price crossed out in your cart, and the proper discounted price will show on the Checkout page. 


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