We are very excited about the Autumn Eloquence sale and we want to help you pick your way through this collection, and get the most for your money. 

To make it simple right now, we've created six (there will be more) mini catalogs, that will allow you to browse based on what might be your particular interest. 

Also - here's the scoop on our inventory stock. The majority of the titles have "decent" stock levels, that is they should last for a few months' worth of promotion, including the holiday season. HOWEVER - of the 350 titles, about 30 titles have less than a week's worth of stock, some titles have less than 3 copies in stock. We would estimate about 100 titles have about 1 month's worth of stock. 

And on the other end, there are some titles that we have quite a few copies in stock and you'll be seeing them on sale here until the end of time...or maybe the end of the year, which ever comes first. 

There's a pull down menu at the top of every page that lists every mini catalog. Just click on the listing at the top of each page that says "Autumn DG and Decca Eloquence Sale: Hundreds of Rare Titles Available", and you'll see all the mini catalogs listed. Just click on which ever tickles your fancy. We've tried to make them about 30-50 titles in size. 

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