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14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition - Vadym Kholodenko

14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition - Vadym Kholodenko

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The quadrennial Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, widely recognized as one of the most prestigious showcases for emerging talent, is dedicated to the discovery and celebration of the world’s finest young pianists. In its 50-year history, the Cliburn has launched a host of exceptional artists onto the world stage, and we now invite you to meet the winners of 2013.

Vadym Kholodenko:“The Fort Worth crowd cheered him like a rock star.” – Cincinnati Enquirer

Igor Stravinsky [1882-1971]

Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka

1I. Danse Russe 2'39
2II. Chez Pétrouchka 4'11
3III. La semaine grasse 9'16
Franz Liszt [1811-1886]

Transcendental Études

4I. Preludio0'51
5II. Molto vivace 2'23
6III. Paysage 3'39
7IV. Mazeppa 7'06
8V. Feux follets 3'35
9VI. Vision 4'42
10VII. Eroica 4'37
11VIII. Wilde Jagd 5'12
12IX. Ricordanza 10'18
13X. Allegro agitato molto 4'04
14XI. Harmonies du soir 7'50
15XII. Chasse-neige 5'16

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