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A Victorian Sunday

A Victorian Sunday

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Favourite Victorian hymns as recorded on mechanical pipe barrel organs, musical boxes and organettes

1 Old Favourites: I) Abide w. Me-G/Ii) Judas MacCabaeus-F/Iii) the Lost Chord (Sullivan)-H
2 Hundredth Psalm (All People That on Earth Do Dwell) a, B, L, & C
3 Redemption & Revival: I) Shall We Meet Beyond the River-F/Ii) Only An Armour Bearer-L
4 Hanover (O Worship the King) a & B
5 Christians Awake: H & L
6 Rock of Ages: H, K, Land F
7 Morning & Evening Hymns: I) Morning Hymn-A/Ii) Morning Hymn 'Awake My Soul'-B
8 More Redemption and Revival: I) Onward Christian Soldiers-G/Ii) Onward Christian Soldiers-H
9 Austria (Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken) D, J, & G
10 Church Barrel Org Miscellany: I) Sicilian Mariners-A/Ii) Helmsley-A/Iii) Luther's Hymn-B

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