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Alfred Deller: The Voice Of Purcell (7 CDs)

Alfred Deller: The Voice Of Purcell (7 CDs)



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Alfred Deller - The Voice of Purcell - 1979 saw the death of one of the leading players in the baroque revolution. Undoubtedly the most famous countertenor of the twentieth century, Alfred Deller's performances convinced audiences that, three centuries earlier, Purcell had somehow composed songs with him in mind. His inimitable timbre perfectly showcased repertory that had long been gathering dust in libraries. Now, 40 years after his death, harmonia mundi has meticulously remastered the original tapes, bringing the art of Alfred Deller's alive once more.

1 Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z629
2 Purcell: King Arthur, Z628
3 Purcell: O Solitude, My Sweetest Choice, Z406
4 Purcell: O Lord God of Hosts, Z37
5 Purcell: O Give Thanks Unto the Lord, Z33
6 Purcell: My Song Shall Be Always, Z31
7 Purcell: Hear My Prayer, O Lord, Z15
8 Purcell: Blow Up the Trumpet in Sion, Z10
9 Purcell: Plainte - O, Let Me Weep (From the Fairy Queen, Z629)
10 Purcell: If Music Be the Food of Love, Z379
11 Purcell: I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly in Vain (From the Indian Queen)
12 Purcell: Fairest Isle (From King Arthur)
13 Purcell: Sweeter Than Roses (From Pausanius, the Betrayer of His Country, Z585)
14 Purcell: Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move, Z400
15 Purcell: Thrice Happy Lovers (An Epithalamium)
16 Purcell: An Evening Hymn 'Now That the Sun Hath Veiled His Light', Z193
17 Purcell: From Rosy Bow'rs (From Don Quixote)
18 Purcell: O Lead Me to Some Peaceful Gloom (From Bonduca or the British Heroine, Z574)
19 Purcell: The History of King Richard the Second or the Sicilian Usurper: Retir'd from Any Mortal's Sight, Z581
20 Purcell: Music for a While, Z583
21 Purcell: Since the Toils and the Hazards of War, Z627
22 Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z630
23 Purcell: Timon of Athens, Z632
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