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Bach: Goldberg Variations (Arranged for Harp) - Parker Ramsay

Bach: Goldberg Variations (Arranged for Harp) - Parker Ramsay


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King's College presents Bach's iconic Goldberg Variations as arranged and performed by the harpist Parker Ramsay. The latest album from King's College follows critically acclaimed recordings by other alumni, including the cellist Guy Johnston and the organist Richard Gowers. Parker Ramsay's artistry is distinguished by it's breadth and crossing of instrumental boundaries and genres at the harp, organ and harpsichord. He was the first American to hold the post of Organ Scholar at King's, following in a long line of prestigious predecessors, and as a harpist specializes in repertoire for early harps and new music for the modern pedal harp. The album is accompanied by extensive notes by leading Bach scholar Burkhard Schwalbach and Pulitzer Prize winning music critic Tim Page.

1 Aria (Arr. for Harp)
2 Variation 1 (Arr. for Harp)
3 Variation 2 (Arr. for Harp)
4 Variation 3, Canone All'unisono (Arr. for Harp)
5 Variation 4 (Arr. for Harp)
6 Variation 5 (Arr. for Harp)
7 Variation 6, Canone Alla Seconda (Arr. for Harp)
8 Variation 7, Al Tempo Di Giga (Arr. for Harp)
9 Variation 8 (Arr. for Harp)
10 Variation 9, Canone Alla Terza (Arr. for Harp)
11 Variation 10, Fughetta (Arr. for Harp)
12 Variation 11 (Arr. for Harp)
13 Variation 12, Canone All Quarta in Moto Contrario (Arr. for Harp)
14 Variation 13 (Arr. for Harp)
15 Variation 14 (Arr. for Harp)
16 Variation 15, Canone Alla Quinta. Andante (Arr. for Harp)
17 Variation 16, Ouverture (Arr. for Harp)
18 Variation 17 (Arr. for Harp)
19 Variation 18, Canone Alla Sesta (Arr. for Harp)
20 Variation 19 (Arr. for Harp)
21 Variation 20 (Arr. for Harp)
22 Variation 21, Canone Alla Settima (Arr. for Harp)
23 Variation 22, Alla Breve (Arr. for Harp)
24 Variation 23 (Arr. for Harp)
25 Variation 24, Canone All'ottava (Arr. for Harp)
26 Variation 25, Adagio (Arr. for Harp)
27 Variation 26 (Arr. for Harp)
28 Variation 27, Canone Alla Nona (Arr. for Harp)
29 Variation 28 (Arr. for Harp)
30 Variation 29 (Arr. for Harp)
31 Variation 30, Quodlibet (Arr. for Harp)
32 Aria Da Capo (Arr. for Harp)

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