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BOBBY DARIN - Four Classic Albums (2 CDs)

BOBBY DARIN - Four Classic Albums (2 CDs)


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AVID Pop launches with its Four Classic Pop album series with a re-mastered 2CD release by Bobby Darin, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“Love Swings”; “Two Of A Kind”; “The Bobby Darin Story” and “Oh! Look At Me Now”.
Walden Robert Cassotto, otherwise better known as Bobby Darin was born in Harlem New York City in 1936. His initial ambition was to become an actor and to this end he left formal education and joined a travelling theatre group to play an Indian Chief! However as time went on music began to take over his life as he began to learn to play the piano and crucially write his own songs. He began getting jobs writing, singing and playing on commercial jingles. By 1956 Darin had signed his first recording contract and by 1957 had signed to Atco Records. “Splish Splash” would follow a year later. Many hits and International fame were to follow when in 1959 he signed a contract with Paramount Pictures and the oft longed for acting career began. However, although many thought his music career was over, Bobby Darin had other ideas and music continued to be his first passion for the rest of his life. What made Bobby Darin so special? Perhaps the key was the fact that he wrote many of his own songs, something that was extremely rare in the 1950’s. How many classics had Sinatra or Bennett or Crosby written? There is a strong case to say that Darin foreshadowed the era of the great singer songwriters of the 1970’s. Here’s his early story for you to enjoy.

1-12: ‘Love Swings’
1. Long Ago And Far Away
2. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
3. How About You
4. The More I See You
5. It Had To Be You
6. No Greater Love
7. In Love In Vain
8. Just Friends
9. Something To Remember You By
10. Skylark
11. Spring Is Here
12. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plans
13-25: ‘Two Of A Kind’
13. Two Of A Kind
14. Indiana
15. Bob White
16. Ace In The Hole
17. East Of The Rockies
18. If I Had My Druthers
19. I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jellyroll
20. Lonesome Polecat
21. My Cutey’s Due At Two-To-Two Today
22. Medley: Paddlin’ Madelin Home / Row Row Row
23. Who Takes Care Of The Caretaker’s Daughter
24. Mississippi Mud
25. Two Of A Kind

1-12: ‘The Bobby Darin Story’
1. Splish Splash
2. Early In The Morning
3. Queen Of The Hop
4. Plain Jane
5. Dream Lover
6. Mack The Knife
7. Beyond The Sea
8. Clementine
9. Bill Bailey
10. Artificial Flowers
11. Somebody To Love
12. Lazy River
13-24: ‘Oh! Look At Me Now’
13. All By Myself
14. My Buddy
15. There’s A Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder
16. Roses Of Picardy
17. You’ll Never Know
18. Blue Skies
19. Always
20. You Made Me Love You
21. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
22. I’m Beginning To See The Light
23. Oh! Look At Me Now
24. The Party’s Over
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