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BWV...Or Not? - Gli Incogniti

BWV...Or Not? - Gli Incogniti

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Gli incogniti - Amandine Beyer

Amandine Beyer - Violin

Hide-and-seek with Bach
A programme of works attributed to – or transcribed by – Johann Sebastian Bach, whose common denominator is musical excellence. Amandine Beyer and Gli Incogniti pay fervent tribute to a period when copyright was unknown, but whose spirit testifies to a dazzling creative freedom that inspires the artists from beginning to end of this recording.

Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750]

Musikalisches Opfer BWV 1079
Sonata sopr' il Soggetto Reale

20I. Largo 6'06
21II. Allegro 5'23
22III. Andante 3'11
23IV. Allegro 2'56
Suite for violin and cembalo obligato BWV 1025 (excerpts)
in A Major / La majeur / A-Dur
arr. from SILVIUS LEOPOLD WEISS (1686-1750), Suite for lute SC 47

1I. Fantasia 2'44
2IV. Rondeau 4'55
Sonata for violin and basso continuo BWV 1024
in C minor / ut mineur / c-Moll
attr. to JOHANN GEORG PISENDEL (1687-1755) ?

3I. Adagio 2'14
4II. Presto 3'20
5III. Affettuoso 2'18
6IV. Vivace 3'44
Sonata for traverso, violin in scordatura and basso continuo 1038 (H.590.5)
in G Major / Sol majeur / G-Dur

7I. Largo 3'12
8II. Vivace 0'48
9III. Adagio 2'01
10IV. Presto 1'18
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach [1714-1788]

Sonata for violin and cembalo obligato BWV 1036
in D minor / ré mineur / d-Moll
(early version of Wq145/H.569)

11I. Adagio 2'38
12II. Allegro 1'56
13III. Largo 2'19
14IV. Vivace 2'12
Johann Gottlieb Goldberg [1727-1756]

Sonata for two violins and basso continuo BWV 1037 (DérG 13)
in C Major / Ut majeur / C-Dur

15I. Adagio 2'53
16II. Alla breve 2'34
17III. Largo 1'32
18IV. Gigue. Presto 4'19
Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750]

19Fugue BWV 1026
in G minor / sol mineur / g-Moll
Allegro 4'13
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