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Cajun & Zydeco: Milestones of Legends (10 CDs)

Cajun & Zydeco: Milestones of Legends (10 CDs)

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This 10 CD box set contains some of the most legendary artists of the Cajun & Zydeco genre, classic artists like Clifton Chenier, Angelas LeJeune, Mayuse Lafleur, Amédée Adoin, Iry LeJeune and Cleoma Breaux Falcon but also many one-hit wonders. New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta and Louisiana are considered to be the origins of Blues and Jazz but it wasn't until the sixties, that the world took notice of another strand of music from the area -Cajun and Zydeco music. Originally imported by French-born settlers, the Cajuns, played on fiddles, supported by various percussion instruments, such as washboards and later incorporated African-American musical influences to become Zydeco.

Gene Rodrigue and the Bayou Bous - Jole Fille
Jack Wyatt with the Bayou Boys - Why Did You Let Me Love You
Marion Marcotte and His Cajuns - La Nos A'Rosalia
Joe Werner and Ramblers - Crap Shooter's Hop
Cleoma Falcon - Ils Ont Vole Mon Traineau
Ségura Frères - New Iberia Polka
Larence Walker - Alberta
Moon Mullican - Jambalaya
Chuck Guillory and His Rhythm Boys - You Just Wait and See
The Jolly Boys of Lafayette - Jolly Boys' Breakdown
Miller's Merrymakers - Pine Island
Amédée Breaux - Lies Tracas Du Hobo Blues
Dennis McGhee - Madame Young
Ségura Frères - A Mosquito Ate up My Sweetheart
Delma Lachney - Baiolle
Nathan Abshire - French Blues
Rivwerside Ramblers - Wandering
Cleoma Breaux - La Vieux Soullard Et Sa Famme
Vin Bruce - La Louisianne
Thibodeaux Boys - Tu Pen Pas Ma Retter De Revere
Dudley Fawvor And James Fawvor - T'est Petite A Ete T'est Meon
Amédée Breaux - Valse d'Auguste Breaux
Joseph Falcon - Allons A Lafayette
Amédée Breaux - Jolie Blonde
Miller's Merrymakers - Lake Arthur Stomp
Happy Fats and Rayne-Bo Ramblers - The Old Ice Man
The Alley Boys of Abbeville - Tu Peus Pas Me Faire Ca
Vin Bruce - Fille De La Ville
Hackberry Ramblers - Cajun Crawl
Joe Werner & Ramblers - She's My Flapper and My Baby
Jolly Boys of Lafayette - Jolly Boys Breakdown
Thibodeaux Boys - Tu Peux Pas M'arreter De Rever
Alley Boys of Abbeville - Tu Peux Pas Me Faire Ca
Cleoma Falcon - Ma Coeur T'appelle
Angelais LeJeune - Bayou Pom Pom One Step
Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers - T'as Oublié De Venir
Link Davis - Kajalena
Joe's Acadians - Il Y A Pas La Claire De Lune
Oscar Doucet and Alius Soileau - Oh Bebe
Bertmost Montet and Joswell Dupuis - L'Abandonner (The Abandoned Waltz)
Columbus Fruge - Saute Crapard
Dennis McGhee - Voz Avez Donne Votre Parole
Belton Richard - A Fool's Waltz
Boozoo Chavis - Paper in My Shoe
Dennis McGee - Mon Chère Bébé Créole
Dennis McGee - Madame Young
Dennis McGee - Two-Step De La Ville Platte
Dennis McGee - Allons À Tassone
Dennis McGee - Blues De Texas
Dennis McGee - Happy One Step
Dennis McGee - La Valse À Pop
Dennis McGee - La Valse De Vacher
Dennis McGee - One Step De Mamou
Dennis McGee - Courville And McGee Waltz
Dennis McGee - La Danse Carrée
Dennis McGee - La Valse Pénitentiaire
Dennis McGee - Lanse Des Belaires
Dennis McGee - Jeunes Gens De La Campagne
Joe Falcon - Elle Ma Oublié
Joe Falcon - Acadian One Step
Joe Falcon - La Valse De La Madame Sosthène
Joe Falcon & Cleoma Falcon - Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme
Cleoma Falcon - Ma Meilleure Valse
Cleoma Falcon - La Valse De Crowley
Cleoma Falcon - C'est un Pech De Dire
Cleoma Falcon - Lulu Revenue Dans La Village
Cleoma Falcon - Mon Bon Vieux Mari
Cleoma Falcon - La Valse De Marais Bouleur
Amédée Ardoin - Amadie Two Step
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse A Austin Ardoin
Amédée Ardoin - Blues De Basile
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse A Thomas Ardoin
Amédée Ardoin - Two Step D'Elton
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse De Gueydan
Amédée Ardoin - Valse A Alice Poulard
Amédée Ardoin - One Step D'Oberlin
Amédée Ardoin - Valse De Opelousas
Amédée Ardoin - One Step Des Chameaux
Amédée Ardoin - Les Blues De Voyage
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse De Amities
Amédée Ardoin - Les Blues De Crowley
Amédée Ardoin - Oberlin
Amédée Ardoin - Tostape De Jennings
Amédée Ardoin - Le Midland Two Step
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse Des Chantiers Petroliperes
Amédée Ardoin - Valse Brunette
Amédée Ardoin - Tortope D'Osrun
Amédée Ardoin - La Valse Du Ballard
Amédée Ardoin - La Turtape De Saroied
Amédée Ardoin - Valse De La Pointe D'Eglise
Amédée Ardoin - Les Blues De La Prison
Amédée Ardoin - Valse De Mon Vieux Village
Amédée Ardoin - Aimez-Moi Ce Soir
Leo Soileau - Basile
Leo Soileau - La Valse De Josephine
Leo Soileau - Mama, Where You At?
Leo Soileau - Easy Rider Blues
Leo Soileau - Grosse Mama
Leo Soileau - La Valse À Moreau
Leo Soileau - Demain C'est Pas Dimanche
Leo Soileau - C'est Pas La Peine Tu Pleures
Leo Soileau - The Criminal Waltz
Leo Soileau - Je T'ai Rencontre Dans Le Brouillard
Leo Soileau - Your Father Put Me Out
Leo Soileau - Ma Mauvaise Fille
Leo Soileau - La Valse De Pacanière
Leo Soileau - Le Blues De Nèg' Françai
Leo Soileau - Allons, Tous Boire Un Coup
Leo Soileau - Ma Chère 'Tite Fille
Leo Soileau - La Valse Pènitentiaire
Leo Soileau - Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi
Leo Soileau - Je Veux Marier
Iry LeJeune - Grand Nuit Special
Iry LeJeune - Grand Bosco
Iry LeJeune - Duraldo Waltz
Iry LeJeune - I Went to the Dance
Iry LeJeune - La Valse De Bayou Chene
Iry LeJeune - I Made A Big Mistake
Iry LeJeune - Come And Get Me
Iry LeJeune - Donnes Moi Mon Chapeau
Iry LeJeune - Waltz of the Mulberry Limb
Iry LeJeune - Church Point Breakdow
Iry LeJeune - La Valse De Grande Chemin
Iry LeJeune - Jolie Catin
Iry LeJeune - La Fitte La Vove
Iry LeJeune - Bayou Pon Pon Special
Iry LeJeune - La Valse De Cajin
Iry LeJeune - Don't Get Married
Iry LeJeune - Convict Waltz
Iry LeJeune - It Happened to Me
Iry LeJeune - Parting Waltz
Iry LeJeune - Evangeline Specia
Iry LeJeune - Love Bridge Waltz
Iry LeJeune - Teche Special
Iry LeJeune - Calcasieu Waltz
Iry LeJeune - Te Mone
Iry LeJeune - Lacassine Special
Hackberry Ramblers - Jolie Blonde
Hackberry Ramblers - Just Once More
Hackberry Ramblers - You've Go To Hi-Di-Hi
Hackberry Ramblers - Mermentau Stomp
Hackberry Ramblers - Je Passe Devonde Ta Porte
Hackberry Ramblers - Vinton High Society
Hackberry Ramblers - J'ai Pas Bien Fey
Hackberry Ramblers - Wondering
Hackberry Ramblers - Rice City Stomp
Hackberry Ramblers - On Top of the World
Hackberry Ramblers - Jolie Fille
Hackberry Ramblers - 'Neath The Weeping Willow Tree
Hackberry Ramblers - J'ais Pres Paley
Hackberry Ramblers - Dissatisfied
Hackberry Ramblers - Drifting Along
Hackberry Ramblers - One Sweet Letter
Hackberry Ramblers - One Step De L'amour
Hackberry Ramblers - Fais Pas Ca
Hackberry Ramblers - Louisiana Breakdown
Hackberry Ramblers - Darbone's Creole Stomp
Hackberry Ramblers - A Little Rendevouz In Honolulu
Hackberry Ramblers - Darbone's Breakdown
Hackberry Ramblers - Mon Cour Fais Ci Mal
Hackberry Ramblers - Hackberry Trot
Hackberry Ramblers - Silver Star Stomp
Harry Choates - Allons A Lafayete
Harry Choates - Basile Waltz
Harry Choates - Cajun Hop
Harry Choates - Port Arthur Waltz
Harry Choates - Harry Choates Special
Harry Choates - It Won't Be Long
Harry Choates - Wrong Keyhole
Harry Choates - Draggin' The Bow
Harry Choates - Te Petite
Harry Choates - Rubber Dolly
Harry Choates - Louisiana
Harry Choates - Poor Hobo
Harry Choates - Devil in the Bayou
Harry Choates - Rye Whiskey
Harry Choates - Fais Do Do Stomp
Harry Choates - Lawtell Waltz
Harry Choates - Bayou Pon Pon
Harry Choates - Chere Meon
Harry Choates - Harry Choates Blues
Harry Choates - Mari Jole Blon
Harry Choates - Honky Tonking Days
Harry Choates - Grand Mamou
Harry Choates - Je Pase Durvan Ta Port
Harry Choates - Hackberry Hop
Harry Choates - Jole Brun
Harry Choates - Louisiana Boogie
Nathan Abshire - Crying Pine Grove Blues
Nathan Abshire - Chere Te Mon
Lawrence Walker - Mamou Two-Step
Lawrence Walker - Country Waltz
Texas Melody Boys - Old Time Waltz
Texas Melody Boys - Ain't No More
Harry Choates - Valse de Lake Charles
Jolé Blon's Gone
Floyd le Blanc - Orphan Waltz
Floyd le Blanc - Louisiana Stomp
Lawrence Walker - Tu le du Po la Mam
Lawrence Walker - Ton Papa Ta Mama Ma Sta da All
Lawrence Walker - Evangeline Waltz
Lawrence Walker - Reno Waltz
Lawrence Walker - Boscoe Stomp
The Musical Four Plus One - Tran la Ezy
Vincent & Cagley - Lawtell Two Step
Dewey Balfa & Elise Deshotel - La Valse de Bon Baurche
Dewey Balfa & Elise Deshotel - Le Two Step de Ville Platte
Dewey Balfa & Elise Deshotel - La Valse de Courage
Dewey Balfa & Elise Deshotel - La Valse de Tamper Tate
Marie Falcon & Shuk Richard - Le Cote Farouche de la Vic
Jole Brun
Madame Entelle Two Step
Lawrence Walker - Waltz of Regret
Lawrence Walker - Wandering Aces Special
Clifton Chenier - Louisiana Stomp
Clifton Chenier - Clifton Blues
Clifton Chenier - Country Bred
Clifton Chenier - Rockin' the Bop
Clifton Chenier - Tell Me
Clifton Chenier - Rockin'Bop
Clifton Chenier - Ay Tete Fee
Clifton Chenier - Boppin'the Rock
Clifton Chenier - The Things I Did for You
Clifton Chenier - Think It Over
Clifton Chenier - Wherever You Go, I'll Go
Clifton Chenier - Clifton's Squeeze Box Boogie
Clifton Chenier - The Cat's Dreaming
Clifton Chenier - All Night Long
Clifton Chenier - Yesterday (I Lost My Best Friend)
Clifton Chenier - Opelousa's Hop
Clifton Chenier - I'm on My Way
Clifton Chenier - Chenier's Boogie
Clifton Chenier - Zodico Stomp
Clifton Chenier - Clifton's Dreaming
Clifton Chenier - The Big Wheel
Clifton Chenier - I Happened so Fast
Clifton Chenier - Goodbye Baby
Clifton Chenier - Worried Life Blues
Clifton Chenier - Hey Ma Ma
Clifton Chenier - Night and Day My Love
Clifton Chenier - Rockin' Accordeon

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