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CAMBINI: 6 Flute Quartets - Quartetto DuePiùDue (2 CDS)

CAMBINI: 6 Flute Quartets - Quartetto DuePiùDue (2 CDS)


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Cambini: 6 Flute Quartets, T145-150

Quartetto DuePiùDue

Giuseppe Cambini was born in Naples, but settled early in his life in Paris, where he became a well known musician, teacher and composer of an astonishing quantity of works, mainly of instrumental chamber music. His flute quartets are delightful works - light, sprightly, charming, full of good tunes and interesting instrumental flourishes. A true composer of the Galant Style, in Parisian spirit.

The structure of these quartets is generally in no more than two movements, often both quick and in the same key. The themes are easy on the ear, with a natural, simple, unsurprising language and characterized by part-writing of unfailing sympathy. There is a strong stylistic elegance, touching inspiration and pre-Romantic feeling with hints of proto-Schubertian inspiration.

They are played by a young and enthusiastic Italian ensemble, DuePiùDue, playing on original instruments, and obviously enjoying these highly entertaining works.

Cambini: Flute Quartet in A minor, T147
Cambini: Flute Quartet in A, T150
Cambini: Flute Quartet in C, T148
Cambini: Flute Quartet in D, T145
Cambini: Flute Quartet in G, T146
Cambini: Flute Quartet in G, T149

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