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A specially priced 5 CD box set by Robert Shaw and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Disc 1
1. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: I. Requiem et kyrie
2. Berlioz: Dies irae from Requiem, Op. 5
3. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: III. Quid sum miser
4. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: IV. Rex tremendae
5. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: V. Quaerens me
6. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: VI. Lacrymosa
7. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: VII. Offertorium
8. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: VIII. Hostias

Disc 2
1. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: IX. Sanctus
2. Berlioz: Requiem, Op. 5: X. Agnus Dei
3. Boito: Prologue to Mefistofele: I. Prelude and Chorus
4. Boito: Prologue to Mefistofele: II. Instrumental Scherzo and Dramatic Intermezzo
5. Boito: Prologue to Mefistofele: III. Vocal Scherzo
6. Boito: Prologue to Mefistofele: IV. Final Psalmody

7. Verdi: Te Deum

Disc 3
1. Requiem, Op. 48: I. Introit et Kyrie
2. Requiem, Op. 48: II. Offertory
3. Requiem, Op. 48: III. Sanctus
4. Requiem, Op. 48: IV. Pie Jesu
5. Requiem, Op. 48: V. Agnus Dei
6. Requiem, Op. 48: VI. Libera Me
7. Requiem, Op. 48: VII. In Paradisum
8. Requiem, Op. 9: I. Introit
9. Requiem, Op. 9: II. Kyrie
10. Requiem, Op. 9: III. Domine Jesu Christe
11. Requiem, Op. 9: IV. Sanctus
12. Requiem, Op. 9: V. Pie Jesu
13. Requiem, Op. 9: VI. Agnus Dei
14. Requiem, Op. 9: VII. Lux Aeterna
15. Requiem, Op. 9: VIII. Libera Me
16. Requiem, Op. 9: IX. In Paradisum

Disc 4
1. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: I. Uvod (Introduction)
2. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: II. Gospodi pomiluj (Kyrie)
3. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: III. Slava (Gloria)
4. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: IV. Veruju (Credo)
5. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: V. Svet (Sanctus)
6. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: VI. Agnece Bozij (Agnus Dei)
7. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: VII. Organ solo
8. Janacek: Glagolitic Mass: VIII. Intrada
9. Dvorak: Te Deum: I. Te Deum laudamus
10. Dvorak: Te Deum: II. Tu Rex gloriae
11. Dvorak: Te Deum: III. Aeterna fac
12. Dvorak: Te Deum: IV. Dignare, Domine

Disc 5
1. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: I. Stabat Mater dolorosa
2. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: II. Quis est homo, qui non fleret
3. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: III. Eja, Mater, fons amoris
4. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: IV. Fac, ut ardeat cor meum
5. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: V. Tui Nati vulnerati
6. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: VI. Fac me vere tecum flere
7. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: VII. Virgo virginum praeclara

Disc 6
1. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: VIII. Fac, ut portem Christi mortem
2. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: IX. Inflammatus et accensus
3. Dvorak: Stabat Mater: X. Quando corpus morietur
4. Robert Shaw discusses Dvorak's Stabat Mater with Martin Goldsmith

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