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The title says it all: this 10-CD-BOX presents the 26 most successful ORIGINAL ALBUMS by the great, world-famous country stars from the years 1947 to 1956. All the stars from this great era of Country & Western are represented here - MERLE TRAVIS, EDDY ARNOLD , HANK SNOW, HANK WILLIAMS, LEFTY FRIZZELL, ERNEST TUBB, WEBB PIERCE, JIM REEVES, THE LOUVIN BROTHERS, JIMMIE RODGERS, KITTY WELLS and MARTY ROBBINS. A particularly rare highlight is the "Memorial Album" by Jimmie Rodgers, the "FATHER OF COUNTRY MUSIC", who died in 1933 at the tender age of 35. All of the recordings on this album are from the 1920s. In this box set you can hear hits like "Sixteen Tons", "The Cattle Call", "Lost Highway", "Jambalaya", "The Golden Rocket", "In the Jailhouse Now", "I'm Movin 'On", "The Rovin Gambler", "Red River Valley", "Home on the Range", "Waiting For A Train", "Release Me" and many more. However, this unique documentary does not only include hits, but also many "gems" that did not make the charts. A rare treat not only for collectors, but also a journey of discovery through the realms of American country music.

Merle Travis - Nine Pound Hammer
Merle Travis - John Henry
Merle Travis - Sixteen Tons
Merle Travis - Dark as a Dungeon
Merle Travis - That´s All
Merle Travis - Over By Number Nine
Merle Travis - I Am a Pilgrim
Merle Travis - Muskrat

Eddy Arnold - The Cattle Call
Eddy Arnold - The Nearest Thing to Heaven
Eddy Arnold - You Know How Talk Gets Around
Eddy Arnold - There´s No Wings on My Angel
Eddy Arnold - I´m Throwing Rice (At the Girl That I Love)
Eddy Arnold - Just a Little Lovin´ (Will Go a Long, Long Way)

Hank Snow - You Broke the Chain That Held Our Hearts
Hank Snow - No Golden Tomorrow Ahead
Hank Snow - Wasted Love
Hank Snow - My Two Timin´ Woman
Hank Snow - Somewhere Along Life´s Highway
Hank Snow - Within This Broken Heart of Mine

Hank Williams - I Saw the Light
Hank Williams - The Mansion on the Hill
Hank Williams - Six More Miles
Hank Williams - Wedding Bells
Hank Williams - Lost Highway
Hank Williams - I´ve Just Told Mama Goodbye
Hank Williams - Wealth Won´t save Your Soul
Hank Williams - A House without Love

CD 2
Lefty Frizzell - Blue Yodel No. 2 (My Lovin´ Gal Lucille)
Lefty Frizzell - Treasure Untold
Lefty Frizzell - Brakeman ´s Blues
Lefty Frizzell - My Old Pal
Lefty Frizzell - Blue Yodel No. 6
Lefty Frizzell - Travellin´ Blues
Lefty Frizzell - My Rough and Rowdy Ways
Lefty Frizzell - Lullaby Yodel

Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - Mother, Queen of My Heart
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - I´m Lonely and Blue
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - Why Did You Give Me Your Love?
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - I´m Free (From the Chain Gang Now)
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - Why Should I Be Lonely?
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - Hobo´s Meditation
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - Any Old Time
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors - A Drunkard´s child

Hank Williams - Moanin´ the Blues
Hank Williams - I´m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Hank Williams - My Sweet Love Ain´t around
Hank Williams - Honky Tonk Blues
Hank Williams - Lovesick Blues
Hank Williams - The Blues Come Around
Hank Williams - I´m a Long Gone Daddy
Hank Williams - Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Lefty Frizzell - If You´ve Got the Money I´ve Got the Time
Lefty Frizzell - I Want To Be With You Always
Lefty Frizzell - Always Late (With Your Kisses)
Lefty Frizzell - Don´t Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)
Lefty Frizzell - If You Can Spare the Time (I Won´t Miss the Money)
Lefty Frizzell - Mom and Dad´s Waltz
Lefty Frizzell - I Love You a Thousand Ways
Lefty Frizzell - Look What Thoughts Will Do

Hank Snow - Marriage Wow
Hank Snow - The Golden Rocket
Hank Snow - The Rhumba Boogie
Hank Snow - Bluebird Island
Hank Snow - Down the Trail Of Achin´ Hearts
Hank Snow - Unwanted Sign upon Your Heart
Hank Snow - Music Makin´ Mama from Memphis
Hank Snow - I´m Movin´ on

Ernest Tubb - Walkin´ the Floor over You
Ernest Tubb - I´ll Always Be Glad To Take You Back
Ernest Tubb - I Don´t Blame You
Ernest Tubb - Soldier´s Last Letter
Ernest Tubb - Let´s Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
Ernest Tubb - Try Me One More Time
Ernest Tubb - Rainbow at Midnight
Ernest Tubb - Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)

Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Your Cheatin´ Heart
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Settin´ the Woods on Fire
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - You Win Again
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Hey, Good Lookin´
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Cold, Cold Heart
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Kaw-Liga
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys - Half As Much

Hank Williams - Honky Tonkin´
Hank Williams - Howlin´ at the Moon
Hank Williams - My Bucket´s Got a Hole in It
Hank Williams - Baby, We´re Really In Love
Hank Williams - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
Hank Williams - I Won´t Be Home No More
Hank Williams - Honky Tonk Blues
Hank Williams - I´ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

Hank Snow - Twelfth Street Rag
Hank Snow - Rainbow Boogie
Hank Snow - Vaya Con Dios (My God Be With You)
Hank Snow - Madison Madness
Hank Snow - Wabash Blues
Hank Snow - In an Old Dutch Garden (By an Old Dutch Mill)
Hank Snow - Hilo March
Hank Snow - Sweet Marie

Webb Pierce - Wondering
Webb Pierce - There Stands the Glass
Webb Pierce - That´s Me without You
Webb Pierce - Don´t Throw Your Life Away
Webb Pierce - Love, Love, Love
Webb Pierce - If You Were Me (And I Were You)
Webb Pierce - Back Street Affair
Webb Pierce - It´s Been So Long
Webb Pierce - Slowly
Webb Pierce - That Heart Belongs To Me
Webb Pierce - Yes I Know Why
Webb Pierce - I´m Gonna Fall Out Of Love with You

Hank Williams - Ramblin´ Man
Hank Williams - My Son Calls another Man Daddy
Hank Williams - I Can´t Escape From You
Hank Williams - Nobody´s Lonesome for Me
Hank Williams - I Can´t Help It (If I´m Still In Love with You)
Hank Williams - There´ll Be No Tear-Drops Tonight
Hank Williams - Lonesome Whistle
Hank Williams - I Just Dont Like This Kind of Livin´
Hank Williams - Take These Chains from My Heart
Hank Williams - Why Don´t You Love Me
Hank Williams - My Heart Would Know
Hank Williams - You´re Gonna Change (Or I´m Gonna Leave)

Webb Pierce - In the Jailhouse Now
Webb Pierce - More and More
Webb Pierce - Even Tho
Webb Pierce - Your Good For Nothing Heart
Webb Pierce - You´re Not Mine Anymore
Webb Pierce - I Haven´t Got the Heart
Webb Pierce - Sparkling Brown Eyes
Webb Pierce - You Just Can´t Be True
Webb Pierce - New Silver Bells
Webb Pierce - I´m Walking the Dog
Webb Pierce - I´ll Go On Alone
Webb Pierce - I Don´t Care

Hank Williams - Pictures from Life´s Other Side
Hank Williams - Men with Broken Hearts
Hank Williams - Help Me Understand
Hank Williams - Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals
Hank Williams - Please Make Up Your Mind
Hank Williams - I´ve Been Down That Road before
Hank Williams - Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw
Hank Williams - I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
Hank Williams - The Funeral
Hank Williams - Beyond the Sunset
Hank Williams - Just Waitin´
Hank Williams - Everything´s Okay

Hank Snow - Just Keep A-Movin´
Hank Snow - The Bill Is Falling Due
Hank Snow - Can´t Have You Blues
Hank Snow - A Scale to Measure Love
Hank Snow - The Owl and I
Hank Snow - I Can´t Control My Heart
Hank Snow - Cuba Rhumba
Hank Snow - Blossoms in the Springtime
Hank Snow - Caribbean
Hank Snow - Blue Sea Blues
Hank Snow - Chattin´ with a Chick in Chattanooga
Hank Snow - Love´s a Game of Let´s Pretend

Eddy Arnold - Wanderin´
Eddy Arnold - The Rovin´ Gambler
Eddy Arnold - The Lonesome Road
Eddy Arnold - Down In the Valley
Eddy Arnold - Barbara Allen
Eddy Arnold - On Top Of Old Smoky
Eddy Arnold - I Gave My Love a Cherry
Eddy Arnold - The Wayfaring Stranger
Eddy Arnold - Across the Wide Missouri
Eddy Arnold - Careless Love
Eddy Arnold - Red River Valley
Eddy Arnold - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Eddy Arnold - Sweet Betsy from Pike
Eddy Arnold - Home On the Range

Jim Reeves - I´ll Follow You
Jim Reeves - Where Does a Broken Heart Go
Jim Reeves - Drinking Tequila
Jim Reeves - Mexican Joe
Jim Reeves - Give Me One More Kiss
Jim Reeves - Mother Went-A-Walkin´
Jim Reeves - Penny Candy
Jim Reeves - My Rambling Heart
Jim Reeves - Red Eyed and Rowdy
Jim Reeves - Beatin´ on the Ding Dong
Jim Reeves - The Wilder Your Heart Beats
Jim Reeves - Are You the One

Jimmie Rodgers - Never No Mo´ Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Daddy and Home
Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel No. 4
Jimmie Rodgers - Waiting for a Train
Jimmie Rodgers - You and My Old Guitar
Jimmie Rodgers - Prairie Lullaby
Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel No. 6
Jimmie Rodgers - Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea
Jimmie Rodgers - Jimmie´s Mean Mama Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Pistol Packin´ Papa
Jimmie Rodgers - Old Pal of My Heart
Jimmie Rodgers - My Little Lady

The Louvin Brothers - Kentucky
The Louvin Brothers - I´ll Be All Smiles Tonight
The Louvin Brothers - Let Her Go God Bless Her
The Louvin Brothers - What Is Home Without Love
The Louvin Brothers - A Tiny Broken Heart
The Louvin Brothers - In the Pines
The Louvin Brothers - Alabama
The Louvin Brothers - Katie Dear
The Louvin Brothers - My Brothers Will
The Louvin Brothers - Knoxville Girl
The Louvin Brothers - Take the News to Mother
The Louvin Brothers - Mary of the Wild Moor

Merle Travis - Blue Smoke
Merle Travis - Black Diamond Blues
Merle Travis - On a Bicycle Built For Two
Merle Travis - Saturday Night Shuffle
Merle Travis - Bugle Call Rag
Merle Travis - Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old ´Tucky Home
Merle Travis - Walkin´ the Strings
Merle Travis - The Memphis Blues
Merle Travis - The Sheik of Araby
Merle Travis - Blue Bell
Merle Travis - The Waltz You Saved For Me
Merle Travis - Rockabye Rag

Kitty Wells - Makin´ Believe
Kitty Wells - Release Me
Kitty Wells - Cheatin´s a Sin
Kitty Wells - There´s Poison in Your Heart
Kitty Wells - I´ve Kissed You My Last Time
Kitty Wells - Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
Kitty Wells - It Wasn´t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Kitty Wells - The Things I Might Have Been
Kitty Wells - Paying For That Back Street Affair
Kitty Wells - I Don´t Claim To Be an Angel
Kitty Wells - I´m Too Lonely To Smile
Kitty Wells - Searching For a Soldier´s Grave
Kitty Wells - Each Day
Kitty Wells - Dancing With a Stranger
Kitty Wells - A Mansion on the Hill
Kitty Wells - Change Of Heart
Kitty Wells - Standing Room Only
Kitty Wells - I Guess I´ll Go On Dreaming
Kitty Wells - The Winner of Your Heart
Kitty Wells - The Pace That Kills
Kitty Wells - Stubborn Heart
Kitty Wells - Right or Wrong
Kitty Wells - Broken Marriage Vows
Kitty Wells - She´s No Angel

Marty Robbins - Long Tall Sally
Marty Robbins - Tennessee Toddy
Marty Robbins - Maybelline
Marty Robbins - Respectfully Miss Brooks
Marty Robbins - Mean Mama Blues
Marty Robbins - Long Gone Lonesome Blues

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