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One of the main themes of the Griffin label catalogue is ‘ages of music’, from early Christian chant through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Tudors and the Stuarts later. There were two sides to Henry VIII’s musical employ-one was the trained musicians, the professional Court Composers such as Cornysh and Van Wilder, and the other consisted the “fools” or jesters who were comedians and popular singers, always at hand for the right mood, and some of whom became personal friends and confidants. This album focuses on the populist side, and features instrumental pieces, including of course, dances, and street ballads. 26 tracks display a lively variety of popular Court music as it might have been heard at Hampton Court or elsewhere in an afternoon after matters of State (and lunch in Henry’s case!) had been settled for the day. The selection includes pavans, almains, jigs and La Volta in dances, “broadside” ballads, fantasias and love songs, plus Henry’s own composition.

Ensemble Sirinu travel the world recreating this entertainment.

Sirinu: Sarah Stowe, Jon Banks, Henry Stobart, Matthew Spring

Wolsey’s Wilde - Trad. 
And I were a maiden - William Cornysh 
My lady Carey’s Dump - Anon 
The Night Watch - Anthony Holborne 
I besherew you - William Cornysh 
Carol - Anon 
Eliza is the fairest Queen - Edward Johnson 
I am a Jolly Foster - William Cornysh 
Votre trey dowce regaunt - Anon
We be three poor mariners pub. Thomas Ravenscroft 
Tarleton’s Riserrectione - John Dowland 
The Poor People’s Complaint - Trad. 
New Oysters Street Cries pub. Thomas Ravenscroft 
“Le Pied de Cheval “ Almande 
Arthur’s Dump - Philip van Wilder
Hoyda, jolly Rutterkin - William Cornysh 
Say Love, if ever thou did’st find - John Dowland 
Daunce - Anon 
Westron Wind 
Fantasia - William Byrd 
Blow thy horn hunter - William Cornysh 
La Volta - William Byrd 
Pastime with good company - Henry VIII 
Tudor Dance Tune Medley - Trad

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