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Antony Rooley writes: 'Since 1963 I had been spending many hours in the British Library studying the sixteenth-century English lute manuscripts... what a unique collection! The "Jane Pickering Lute Book", "The John Sturt Lute Book", "The Mynshall Lute Book" - all collections of one individual's personal choice of repertoire, each with unique information on fingering, ornamentation, taste and style. 'I was invited by Decca to make a solo lute recital - and as no one in the company knew the repertoire, I was left alone to finalize my choice. How to choose from such wonderfully obscure collections from 400 years ago? 'Why did I choose John Cozens' Lute Book (residing in Cambridge University Library) from the rest? Well, I admired his taste! I admired his ornamentation! I admired his clarity! It is a wonderful collection of the very best Elizabethan/Jacobean lute music - and it was about the right length for an LP. (Although in the end I made a selection rather than the complete manuscript). 'I can only say, 35 years on, I was a very lucky young man and I think I made the wisest choice - it is still a collection of very beautiful music!'This delicious LP makes it's first appearance on CD on this Decca Eloquence reissue.


"This is an anthology of the best kind... Rooley's playing is thoughtful and gentle... he has a fine sense of the long-range spread of a piece and the playing has a pleasing combination of control and relaxation." Gramophone.

1 THOMAS SMYTHE: Two Galliards
2 ANONYMOUS: Mall Symms
3 ANONYMOUS: John Come Kiss Me Now
4 ANONYMOUS: Preludium VI
5 DOWLAND: Pavan
6 BACHELEAR:  Pavan and  Galliard

7: ANONYMOUS: Preludium VI
7 DANYEL: Mistress Anne Grene Her Leaves Be Greene
8 DOWLAND: Fancy
9 DOWLAND: Lachrimae Pavan
10 DOWLAND: Frog Galliard
11 W. HOLLIS: John Blundeville's Last Farewell
12 ROBINSON: Spanish Pavan
13 LAURENCINI: Fantasia

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