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DOVE: The Adventures of Pinocchio - Orchestra and Chorus of Opera North (DVD)

DOVE: The Adventures of Pinocchio - Orchestra and Chorus of Opera North (DVD)


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Victoria Simmonds (Pinocchio); Jonathan Summers (Geppetto); Mary Plazas (The Blue Fairy); Rebecca Bottone (Cricket / Parrot); Graeme Broadbent (Puppeteer / Ape-Judge / Ringmaster); Allan Clayton (Lampwick);

Opera North's enchanting staging of The Adventures of Pinocchio, Jonathan Dove's 21st opera, is a wittily inventive feast for the eyes and ears. A full-length, through-composed grand opera with 29 characters, a sizeable chorus and a profound symphonic score, it is overflowing with visual delights, and children will love it! A sublime achievement by Martin Duncan and team, this production shines a bright new light on Collodi's dream-like original story, full of charm, darkness and magic. The superb ensemble stars Victoria Simmonds in the title role, and the orchestra and chorus respond splendidly under David Parry's vibrant baton. Mastered from the High Definition video recording and in true surround sound, this is a wonderful chance for children and adults to relive an exhilarating theatre experience at home.

"Dove's writing characteristically is colourful and vigorous with inventive instrumentation and the sharp jazzy syncopations add to the attractions of the writing, which is generally easily lyrical. The performance, filmed live is excellent, and conducted very ably by David Parry, Victoria Simmonds is excellent in the title role, wearing a very convincing costume, with Jonathan Summers as Geppetto. A very welcome issue of a most attractive new opera." (The Penguin Guide)

"What an inspired and exciting opera this is. Gorgeouscharacters, a busy story rich in incident and an exhilarating mix of music. Delight follows delight." (The Stage)

"Plaudits should also go to the chorus, whose scenes are always visually and sonically spectacular, while the stunning surround sound of the DVD capturing every detail of Opera North's bold undertaking." (BBC Music Magazine)

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