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GAUDEAMUS Early Music Sampler

GAUDEAMUS Early Music Sampler


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1 Beatus Vir - Gentlemen Of The Chappell
2 Canzon Duo Decimi - His Majesties Sagbutts And Cnts/Peter Bassano
3 Music, Gift of God - Ex Cathedra/Jeffrey Skidmore
4 Royall Consort No.6 in D: Ecco - The Greate Consort/Monica Huggett
5 Royall Consort No.6 in D: Arie Morriss - The Greate Consort/Monica Huggett
6 Maria Plena Virtute (End) - The Cardinall's Musick/Andrew Carwood
7 Concs Royaux No.3 in A: Muzette - Trio Sonnerie
8 Ste in G: Gigue A L'angloise - Sarah Cunningham
9 Mass 'Dum Sacrum Mysterium' : Gloria (Opening) - Cappella Nova/Alva Tavener
10 Pieces: La Victoire - Mitzi Meyerson
11 Ave Regina Caelorum - The Chor Of Gonville And Caius College, Cambridge/Geoffrey Weber
12 Divisions On A Ground in F - Richard Harvey/Philip Thorby/Jakob Lindberg
13 The First Booke Of Songes: Can She Excuse My Wrongs? - Rufus Muller/Christopher Wilson
14 Son in G, Op.9 No.7: 4th Movt: Giga - Christoph Huntgeburth/Mitzi Meyerson/Hildegard Perl
15 Angeli, Archangeli - The Clerks' Group/Edward Wickham
16 Str Qt, Op.1 No.3: 4th Movt: Polonaise - The Rasumovsky Qt
17 Ave Cuius Conceptio - The Cardinall's Musick/Andrew Carwood
18 Vn Con in E 'L'Amoroso: 1st Movt: Allegro - Monica Huggett
19 Psalm III 'Beatus Vir' (Opening) - Ex Cathedra Chm Chor

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