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ERNESTINE ANDERSON - Four Classic Albums (Hot Cargo / The Toast Of The Nation's Critics / My Kinda Swing / Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')

ERNESTINE ANDERSON - Four Classic Albums (Hot Cargo / The Toast Of The Nation's Critics / My Kinda Swing / Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')


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AVID Jazz presents four classic Ernestine Anderson albums, including original liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Hot Cargo”; “A Toast To The Nations Critics”; “My Kinda Swing” and “Moanin’Moanin’ Moanin’”.
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1956 “Hot Cargo” finds Miss Anderson with a host of top notch Swedish jazz men. She had been regularly touring in Sweden, steadily building a reputation for herself when she was asked to record her own album. The result is before you and to quote from the original liner notes “In these sides Ernestine Anderson certainly shows definite promise in becoming one of the greats in the girl singer field. Everyone interested in the vocal side of jazz should watch her future with keen interest”. Ernestine Anderson is one of those unique talents in music whom you hear for a long time before you actually encounter them in person”. Well our next encounter with Miss Anderson is “A Toast of the Nations Critics”, a fine album featuring the composing talents of such great writers as Mel Torme, Pete Rogolo, Kurt Weill & George Gershwin, Wild Bill Davis, Gigi Gryce & Jon Hendricks and Truman Capote & Harold Arlen. Not bad company to encounter! “This, as the title indicates, is “My Kinda Swing”, Ernestine Anderson’s kinda swing. It’s the point of view of a mature singer, approaching a string of meaningful songs with the aide of a respected group of seasoned musicians and one of the best composer-arrangers……as a showcase it is Ernestine’s show,. She emerges as a vividly communicative vocalist, aware of the meaning of lyrics and the rhythms that propel them. Like love, she’s here to stay”. We all like a good moan now and again, but for our final Ernestine Anderson album, we have chosen the classic “Moanin’ Moanin’ Moanin’” That’s a lot of moanin’ for one lady but hey, she makes moanin’ sound so good!
All four albums have been digitally re-mastered.

1-12: ‘Hot Cargo’
1. Mad About The Boy
2. Did I Remember?
3. Day Dream
4. Experiment
5. That Old Feeling
6. The Song Is Ended
7. Love For Sale
8. Autumn In New York
9. My Man
10. Ill Wind
11. Little Girl Blue
12. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
13-23: ‘Toast Of The Nation’s Critics’
13. Runnin’ Wild
14. Stardust
15. Heat Wave
16. My Ship
17. Azure-te
18. Welcome To The Club
19. There’s A Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon For New York
20. Social Call
21. There Will Never Be Another You
22. A Sleepin’ Bee
23. Interlude

1-12: ‘My Kinda Swing’
1. My Kinda Love
2. Trouble Is A Man
3. See See Rider
4. Moonlight In Vermont
5. Land Of Dreams
6. Black Moonlight
7. All My Life
8. Mound Bayou
9. I’ll Never Be The Same
10. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
11. Lazy Afternoon
12. They Don’t Believe Me
13-23: ‘Moanin’, Moanin’ Moanin’’
13. My Melancholy Baby
14. Tomorrow Mountain
15. More Than You Know
16. The Gypsy Goofed
17. A Tree In A Meadow
18. Hooray For Love
19. Come Rain Or Come Shine
20. Moanin’ Low
21. Get Out And Get Under The Moon
22. I Got Lost In His Arms
23. (If You Can’t Sing It) You’ll Have To Swing It
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