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EVERLY BROTHERS - Four Classic Albums (It's Everly Time / Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers / A Date With The Everly Brothers / Instant Party) (2 CDs)

EVERLY BROTHERS - Four Classic Albums (It's Everly Time / Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers / A Date With The Everly Brothers / Instant Party) (2 CDs)


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AVID Pop continues with its Four Classic albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from The Everly Brothers, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“It’s Everly Time”; “The Fabulous Style of The Everly Brothers”; “A Date With The Everly Brothers” and “Instant Party”
“It’s Everly Time”; In this album there is complete variety for every kind of Everly Brothers fan. All the recordings make good dance music, or they can simply be listened to for the haunting harmony of their voices and the deceptively simple instrumental accomplishments. Everything is here from ballads to gutty, low down blues, often (as in Oh True Love and even What Kind of Girl Are You) with a touch of gospel music in it. Songs like Just In Case have more than a touch of rock and roll, and even the most “pop” song of them, Memories Are Made Of This, seems to be a cross between country and Hawaiian music. All the songs are basically country songs, and one, Carol Jane, has such a strong folk quality that it seems to be a direct descendant of the early American Appalachian songs that are said to be unchanged from their original Elizabethan sources. Put it all together and it’s an album unlike any you have heard before - fresh, original, delightfully performed by the world’s No. 1 singing duo. In short,”It’s Everly Time!”. When you listen to “The Fabulous Style of The Everly Brothers” we reckon you will be glad you live in the UK! For not only do you get great songs on this album like “Let It Be Me”, “Take A Message To Mary”, “When Will I Be Loved”, “Till I Kissed Her” and “Be Bop A Lula”, all released on the original US release but you also get some of the boys greatest hits originally released on the UK version. So you can enjoy, “Claudette”, “All I Have To Do Is Dream”, “Bird Dog” and “Devoted To You” alongside many other Everly Brothers faves! And what’s more if you want to throw an Everly Brothers party, the boys will show you how with their fun filled recipe for having an “Instant Party”. Or if you just want to chill out to some of the boys fabulous harmonies, new hits and old favourites AND take a look at some fab shots of the boys, then you will need to “Make A Date With The Everly Brothers”. But be sure to ask your Mom or Pop first!

1-12: ‘It’s Everly Time’
1. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
2. Just In Case
3. Memories Are Made Of This
4. That’s What You Do To Me
5. Sleepless Nights
6. What Kind Of Girl Are You
7. Oh, True Love
8. Carol Jane
9. Some Sweet Day
10. Nashville Blues
11. You Thrill Me (Through And Through)
12. I Want You To Know
13-30: ‘Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers’
13. Like Strangers
14. Since You Broke By Heart
15. Let It Be Me
16. Oh, What A Feeling
17. Take A Message To Mary
18. Brand New Heartache
19. When Will I Be Loved
20. Rip It Up
21. (‘Til) I Kissed You
22. Hey Doll Baby
23. Poor Jenny
24. Be Bop A-Lula
25. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Bonus Track)
26. Claudette (Bonus Track)
27. Devoted To You (Bonus Track)
28. Bird Dog (Bonus Track)
29. Problems (Bonus Track)
30. Love Of My Life (Bonus Track)

1-12: ‘A Date With The Everly Brothers’
1. Made To Love
2. That’s Just Too Much
3. Stick With Me Baby
4. Baby What You Want Me To Do
5. Sigh, Cry Almost Die
6. Always Its You
7. Love Hurts
8. Lucille
9. So How Come (No One Loves Me)
10. Donna, Donna
11. A Change Of Heart
12. Cathy’s Clown
13-25: ‘Instant Party’
13. Step It Up And Go
14. Theme From “Carnival” (Love Makes The World Go ‘Round)
15. Jezebel
16. True Love
17. Bye Bye Blackbird
18. When It’s Night-Time In Italy It’s Wednesday Over Here
19. Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
20. Trouble In Mind
21. Autumn Leaves
22. Long Lost John
23. The Party’s Over
24. Ground Hawg
25. Temptation (Bonus Track)
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