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The rich traditional song heritage superbly displayed by Legendary Voices. This collection of popular folk songs from the British Isles includes several sea shanties thatpossibly have their origin from further afield: Blow the Man Down is thought to have been sung on ships in the West Atlantic and the tune is similar to those sung by African Americans. Its lyrics are indicative of the rough conditions on board ship where discipline was ruled by the fist or the cat o’ nine tails: the chief mates were known as Blowers and their second mates were referred to as Strikers. As well as portraying the violence on board ship shanties told of the loose living when sailors came on shore: A’ Rovin, sometimes called the Maid of Amsterdam, was first mentioned in Robert Heywood’s Rape of Lucrece (1608) and is a lighthearted exchange between a sailor and his lass.

Total time: 72:37

  • The Keel Row Trad. Kathleen Ferrier / Phyllis Spurr (piano)
  • Cushie Butterfield Trad. Owen Brannigan / Gerald Moore
  • The Lincolnshire Poacher Trad. arr. Britten Peter Pears / Benjamin Britten
  • My Lady Greensleeves Trad. Luton Girls Choir / Melachrino Orchestra
  • Bonnie Mary of Argyle Nelson/Jeffreys Robert Wilson & Orchestra
  • The Kerry Dance Molloy Peter Dawson / Gerald Moore
  • The Star of the County Down Trad. arr.Hughes John McCormack / Gerald Moore
  • The Spinning Wheel Waller/Murphy Mary O’Hara
  • Charlie, He’s My Darling Trad. Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
  • O Can Ye Sew Cushions? Trad. arr.Bantock Glasgow Orpheus Choir / Sir Hugh Bantock
  • The Skye Boat Song Trad. Kenneth McKellar / Bob Sharples & Orchestra
  • Annie Laurie Trad. Ian Wallace / Ron Goodwin Orchestra
  • Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms Trad. Ruby Murray
  • The Garden Where the Praties Grow Trad. arr.Liddle Josef Locke
  • The Last Rose of Summer Trad. Joan Hammond / Ernest Lush
  • A’Rovin Trad. Oscar Natzka with Orchestra
  • Myfanwy Parry Morriston Orpheus Choir / Ivor E Sims
  • The Foggy Foggy Dew Trad. Richard Lewis / Ch. Mackerras & Orchestra
  • Down by the Sally Gardens Trad. arr.Hughes Kathleen Ferrier / Phyllis Spurr
  • She Moved Through the Fair Trad. Father Sydney MacEwan / Duncan Morrison
  • Blow the Man Down…Hullabaloo Balay Trad. Oscar Natzka
  • Helston Furry Dance Trad. Richard Lewis / Ch. Mackerras & Orchestra
  • Counting the Goats Trad. Morriston Orpheus Choir / Ivor E Sims
  • Westering Home Trad. Kenneth McKellar / Bob Sharples & Orchestra
  • The Blaydon Races Ridley/Trad. arr.Warrington Owen Brannigan with Male Voice Quartet & Gerald Moore
  • All Thro’ the Night Trad. Morriston Orpheus Choir / Ivor E Sims
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