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Vivaldi: Il Teatro Alla Moda - Gli Incogniti

Vivaldi: Il Teatro Alla Moda - Gli Incogniti



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Gli incogniti - Amandine Beyer

Amandine Beyer - Violin

1720: in his famous pamphlet Il teatro alla moda, the composer Marcello satirised the excesses of new-fangled Venetian opera. Cadenzas, variations, ‘divismo’, virtuosity, popular dances, assorted sound effects: nearly three centuries later, each of the ‘qualities’ he mocked has provided the inspiration for this new release from Gli Incogniti to the glory of Vivaldi. The Prete Rosso who aroused Marcello’s patrician indignation could not have cared less about such formal taboos! His experiments, his spontaneity, his juxtapositions and contrasts served only one rhetorical cause: the theatrical dimension of his instrumental music. Take your seats!

Sinfonia de "L'Olimpiade" RV 725
Ut majeur / C major / C-Dur

1I. Allegro 2'08
2II. Andante 2'31
3III. Allegro 1'10
Concerto per Violino in Fa maggiore RV 282
(version originale) Fa majeur / F major / F-Dur

4I. Allegro poco 4'29
5II. Largo 2'02
6III. Allegro 3'47
Concerto per Violino scordato in Si minore RV 391
si mineur / B minor / h-Moll

7I. Allegro non molto 4'30
8II. Largo 2'41
9III. Allegro 3'44
Concerto per Violino in Re maggiore RV 228
Ré majeur / D major / D-Dur

10I. Allegro 2'54
11II. Largo 1'59
12III. Allegro (fantasia du concerto RV 212) 4'31
13Concerto per Violino RV 314a. Adagio 3'07
Concerto per Violino in Sol minore RV 323
sol mineur / G minor / g-Moll

14I. Allegro 2'23
15II. Largo 1'42
16III. Allegro 2'21
Concerto per Violino in Sol minore RV 322
sol mineur / G minor / g-Moll

17I. Allegro 3'53
18II. Largo 2'43
19III. Allegro 2'34
Concerto per "Violino in Tromba"in Sol maggiore RV 313
Sol majeur / G major / G-Dur

20I. [Allegro] 2'32
21II. Andante 2'18
22III. Allegro 2'17
Ballo Primo de "Arsilda Regina di Ponto" RV 700
sol mineur / G minor / g-Moll

23I. Largo 1'45
24II. Allegro0'46
25Concerto per Violino in Sol minore RV 316. III. Giga (Presto) 1'44
26Concerto per Violino in Sib maggiore RV 372a (Per Chiareta). Andante
Si bémol majeur / B flat major / B-Dur 4'30
27Largo RV 228 (version de J.G. Pisendel ?) 1'51

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