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Johnny Mathis occupies a rare place in the exalted pantheon of pop: he is right up there alongside Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra as the best-selling male vocalist ever in the history of popular music. So here are 50 excellent reasons to celebrate and enjoy the unmistakable velvet voice of one of America s most popular singers, the legendary Mr Johnny Mathis...

Disc: 1
1. Chances Are
2. Misty
3. Someone
4. When Sunny Gets Blue
5. Heavenly
6. Come To Me
7. I Love Her That s Why
8. Wild Is The Wind
9. The Twelfth Of Never
10. Teacher, Teacher
11. Marianna
12. You Are Beautiful
13. More Than You Know
14. Wasn t The Summer Short
15. Oh That Feeling
16. Wonderful! Wonderful!
17. All Is Well
18. You Are Everything To Me
19. No Love (But Your Love)
20. Let It Rain
21. I ll Never Be Lonely Again
22. Let s Love
23. When I Am With You
24. Hey Love
25. Sweet Thursday

Disc: 2
1. It s Not For Me To Say
2. A Certain Smile
3. Gina
4. My Love For You
5. Hello Young Lovers
6. Call Me
7. One look
8. Starbright
9. I Look At You
10. Small World
11. Moonlight Becomes You
12. Stranger In Paradise
13. All The Time
14. That s The Way It Is
15. Cherie
16. While You're Young
17. Should I Wait (Or Should I Run To)
18. You Set My Heart To Music
19. Stairway To The Sea
20. Very Much In Love
21. Jenny
22. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
23. How To Handle A Woman
24. That s All
25. The Story Of Our Love

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