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MOZART: Keyboard Music 8 & 9 - Kristian Bezuidenhout (2 CDS)

MOZART: Keyboard Music 8 & 9 - Kristian Bezuidenhout (2 CDS)



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Kristian Bezuidenhout - Fortepiano

Fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout (“A remarkable virtuoso, and a dazzlingly imaginative, multi-skilled Mozartian” – BBC Music Magazine) brings to a close his universally acclaimed Mozart cycle. The selections heard here range from the most famous (Sonata in C major, K.545) to the least familiar (Fragments K.312 and K.400).

Disc 1

Piano Sonata in C major, K. 545

1I. Allegro 4'16
2II. Andante 6'38
3III. Rondo 1'52

48 Variations in F major on 'Dieu d'amour' by André Grétry, K. 352 12'04

Suite in C major, K. 399
5I. Ouverture 3'51
6II. Allemande 4'13
7III. Courante 2'33
8IV. Sarabande (completed by R. Levin) 4'38

9Menuetto in D major, K. 355 2'27

10Gigue in G major, K. 574 1'35

11Kleiner Trauermarsch in C minor, K. 453a 2'06

Piano Sonata in F major, K. 280
12I. Allegro assai 4'39
13II. Adagio 8'07
14III. Presto 4'19
159 Variations in D major on a menuet by Jean-Pierre Duport, K. 573 14'20
Disc 2

1Modulating Prelude in F-C, K. deest (K. 624/626a) 4'24

Piano Sonata in C major, K. 279
2I. Allegro 8'14
3II. Andante 7'19
4III. Allegro 4'59

5Allegro in B-flat major, K. 400 (completed by Robert Levin) 7'17
6Allegro in G minor, K. 312 (completed by Robert Levin) 5'36
7Four Preludes, K. 284a (formerly Capriccio in C major, K. 395/300g) 4'31
812 Variations in C major on a menuet by Johann Christian Fischer, K. 179 19'03

Piano Sonata in D major, K. 576
9I. Allegro 5'11
10II. Adagio 4'39
11III. Allegretto 4'35

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