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de Lassus: Inferno - Capella Amsterdam

de Lassus: Inferno - Capella Amsterdam



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Daniel Reuss - Conductor

Cappella Amsterdam - Choral ensemble

Though Orlande de Lassus displays overflowing vitality in his secular music, matters are quite different in his sacred music: the twelve motets assembled on this album (most of them composed in the last years of his life) bespeak a profound melancholy and show not only his ability to make use of a wide range of stylistic devices, but also great subtlety in the art of rhetoric. An expressive palette handled in masterly fashion by Daniel Reuss at the head of Cappella Amsterdam!

1Omnia tempus habent
Cantica sacra sex et octo vocibus 4'27
2Audi tellus
Sacræ cantiones, liber quartus 7'48
3Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Cantiones sacræ sex vocum 3'42
4Media vita in morte sumus
(Gregorian Antiphon) 1'50
5Media vita in morte sumus
Patrocinium musices, prima pars 4'29
6Circumdederunt me dolores mortis
(Cantiones sacræ sex vocibus compositæ, Munich, 1601 2'49
7Libera me Domine
Selectissimæ cantiones 2'26
8Recordare Jesu pie
Cantiones sacræ sex vocum] 2'58
9Deficiat in dolore vita mea
Defi Cantiones sacræ sex vocum 2'40
10Vidi calumnias
Cantiones sacræ sex vocum] 4'21
11O mors quam amara
Primus Liber concentuum sacrorum 4'56
12Cum essem parvulus
Mottetta sex vocum typis nondum uspiam excusa 4'01
13Vide homo
Lagrime di S. Pietro [...] con un mottetto nel fine 2'44

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