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MOZART: Symphonies 32, 35, 36 & 38 - BOHM, BERLIN PHILHARMONIC

MOZART: Symphonies 32, 35, 36 & 38 - BOHM, BERLIN PHILHARMONIC

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Mozart Symphonies 32, 35 ‘Haffner’, 36 ‘Linz’, & 38 ‘Prague’

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Karl Böhm

“These from his landmark complete cycle … all well received and I enjoyed hearing them again. Böhm is as excellent a Mozart conductor as Karajan, playing the quick movements in the most lively manner … Haffner is enjoyable, with a faster tempo in the finale, and plenty of momentum to the first movement. K318 has a vital and dramatic performance, The Linz minuet and finale both have sturdy, solid playing; a powerful performance … Böhm is really in his element with the Prague : the first movement is magnificent, superbly played, superbly architected” “(Overall)… he shows an exceptional ability to bring subtle emphasis to the felicities of the writing … (Gramophone)

[1] Symphony No.32 in G Major, K.318 [8:37]
Allegro spirituoso – Andante – Tempo primo

Symphony No.35 in D Major, K.385 [17:39]
[2] I. Satz: Allegro con spirito 5:29
[3] II. Satz: Andante 4:47
[4] III. Satz: Menuetto 3:30
[5] IV. Satz: Finale: Presto 3:50

Symphony No.36 in C Major, K.425, “Linz” [24:29]
[6] I. Satz: Adagio – Allegro spirituoso 7:55
[7] II. Satz: Andante 7:12
[8] III. Satz: Menuetto 3:30
[9] IV. Satz: Presto 5:51

Symphony No.38 in D Major, K.504, “Prague” [25:04]
[10] I. Satz: Adagio – Allegro 10:18
[11] II. Satz: Andante 8:30
[12] IV. Satz: Finale Presto 6:15

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