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MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godunov - Anastassov, Storey, Noseda, Teatro Regio Turin (DVD)

MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godunov - Anastassov, Storey, Noseda, Teatro Regio Turin (DVD)

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Orlin Anastassov (Boris); Ian Storey (Grigory); Vladimir Vaneev (Pimen); Peter Bronder (Prince Shuisky);

Boris Godunov is the story not only of a troubled leader but of an entire nation, and its history is as eventful as that of Mother Russia herself. In this new production, the legendary director Andrei Konchalovsky presents a personal vision of the opera that takes Mussorgsky's bare and monumental first version as its basis, while adding the final scene from the composers revision, in which not only the Tsar but the people themselves reveal their fatal flaws. Orlin Anastassov stars in the title role, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda.

"Orchestrally and vocally outstanding." (The Opera Critic)

"Anastassov is vocally and physically imposing as the Tsar. It is not, I think, being fanciful to say that from early on his staring eyes reflect the first signs of Boris's mental derangement." (International Record Review)

"Best is Gianandrea Noseda's fluent and urgent conducting." (BBC Music Magazine)

"...the glinting, desperate, trapped eyes of Orlin Anastassov's Tsar and the fussy sweat-wiping mannerisms of Peter Bronder's Shuisky create an apt other-worldly presence. Both too are in fine voice." (Gramophone)

Extra features

Cast gallery. Interviews with Andrei Konchalovsky and Gianandrea Noseda.

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