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SUN RA: On Planet Earth 1914-2014 (2 CDS)

SUN RA: On Planet Earth 1914-2014 (2 CDS)


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In the words of the Guinness Who’s Who of Jazz,‘Sun Ra was one of the great modern visionaries… He showed that with imagination, commitment and a love of beauty, you can create your own future and make the impossible real.’ No longer with us, you can still pay tribute to and enjoy a Jazz genius with two of his finest works collected here.

CD 1 The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra

1. Bassism
2. Of Sounds And Something Else
3. What's That
4. Where Is Tomorrow
5. The Beginning
6. China Gates
7. New Day
8. Tapestry From An Asteroid
9. Jet Flight
10. Looking Outward
11. Space Jazz Reverie

CD 2 Super-Sonic Jazz

1. India
2. Sunology
3. Advice To Medics
4. Super Blonde
5. Soft Talk
6. Sunology, Part II
7. Kingdom Of Not
8. Portrait Of The Living Sky
9. Blues At Midnight
10. El Is A Sound Of Joy
11. Springtime In Chicago
12. Medicine For A Nightmare

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