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ORTIZ: Recercadas del Tratado de Glosas (Hybrid SACD)

ORTIZ: Recercadas del Tratado de Glosas (Hybrid SACD)



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Ton Koopman
Rolf Lislevand
Andrew Laurence-King
On 10th December, 1553, at one of the highpoints in the Golden Age of Spanish music, there appeared in Rome the TRATTADO DE GLOSAS SOBRE CLAUSULAS Y OTROS GENEROS DE PUNTOS EN LA MUSICA DE VIOLONES NUEVAMENTE PUESTOS EN LUZ by Diego Ortiz, who was also known under the name “el Toledano”. An inevitable reference point for the study of instrumental performance practice in the 16th century, this work is of exceptional interest, both for its purely historical significance and for its artistic value, since it contains the finest examples of the known repertoire for viola da gamba (vihuela de arco or violone) and harpsichord in the Renaissance period.

Published in Rome in 1553 and rediscovered during the twentieth century, the collection Tratado de Glosas by Spanish composer Diego Ortiz offers listeners an unmatched panorama of the instrumental music of it's time. The reissue of this 1990 album in Alia Vox's Heritage series of SACD remasters enables US to enjoy one of Jordi Savall's finest accomplishments as an instrumentalist. He is joined by Ton Koopman on harpsichord and organ, Lorenz Duftschmid on violone, Rolf Lislevand on vielle, Paolo Pandolfo playing viol and the great harp virtuoso Andrew Lawrence-King.

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