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18th Century Venetian Organ Art - Andrea Marcon

18th Century Venetian Organ Art - Andrea Marcon

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The 18th century witnesses the emergence in the region of Veneto of an organ-building school, that redimensioned noticeably the characteristic sounds of the Baroque organ. The leader of this school was the famous organ-builder Pietro Nacchini. The route forged by Nacchini was taken up by an extraordinary organ builder whom all refer to as Nacchini's true artistic successor, Gaetano Callido. This CD was recorded in the church of San Leonardo in Treviso and all the works are performed on the church's organ built by Gaetano Callido in 1787. In the Baroque era, organ literature was also influenced by the instrumental music which was evolving rapidly alongside it. Venetian composers preferred to write for the harpsichord or the pianoforte. And when they did write for the organ, the style and formal idiom of their works were better suited to the harpsichord and its possibilities. While German composers were developing the 'empfindsamer Styl', Italian musicians indulged in a sober compositional style characterized by refined elegance. The galant Venetian style is encountered in the sonatas of Galuppi and Pescetti. In the second half of the 18th century, Venetian composers began assimilating the new forms of the classical sonata and the symphony.

Sonata In Do Minore = C Minor = C Moll
Composed By – Giovanni B. Pescetti*
1 Vivace E Maestoso 3:04
2 Allegro 2:34
3 Minuetto 3:29
Sonata For Flute
Composed By – Baldassare Galuppi
4 Allegro 2:01
Three Arias «Sub Elevatione»
Composed By – Giuseppe A. Paganelli*
5 Aria II 1:55
6 Aria XXII 3:20
7 Aria XIII 1:23
Sonata In Re Minore = D Minor = D-Moll
Composed By – Baldassare Galuppi
8 Andante 3:08
9 Allegro 2:11
10 Largo 3:46
11 Allegro E Spiritoso 1:52
Pastorale & Sonata In F
Composed By – Giovanni B. Cervellini
12 Pastorale 2:24
13 Sonata In F: Allegro 4:17
14 Sonata III: Allegretto Grazioso
Composed By – Gaetano Valeri
15 Sonata IX: Allegro Moderato
Composed By – Gaetano Valeri
16 Sonata VI: Siciliana Adagio
Composed By – Gaetano Valeri
17 Sonata In F: Allegro
Composed By – Andrea Lucchesi
18 Sonata In C (Fa): Allegro
Composed By – Andrea Lucchesi
Sonata V
Composed By – Ignazio Spergher
19 Allegro Con Brio 3:31
20 Andante Grazioso 4:32
21 Allegro Con Brio 3:12
22 Sonata «Ad Uso Offertorio»
Composed By – Niccolò Moretti
23 Sonata «Ad Uso Sinfonia»
Composed By – Niccolò Moretti

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