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Mozart: Piano Sonatas - Andreas Staier (2 CDs)

Mozart: Piano Sonatas - Andreas Staier (2 CDs)



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 This two-CD set combines two Mozart recordings in which Andreas Staier raises the questions of ornamentation and improvisation. He answers them on the fortepiano, with outstanding poetic feeling and a hefty dose of impishness in his interpretative options (as in ‘his’ Rondo alla turca!). The programme includes sonatas once thought to have been written in Paris but actually composed in Salzburg, as well as Viennese masterpieces such as the Fantasia and Sonata in C minor.

Andreas Staier plays a fortepiano by Monika May, Marburg, 1986, after Anton Walter, Vienna, 1785.

These titles were released for the first time in 2003 and 2005.

Disc 1

Suite en Do majeur KV 399 (385i)
C major / C-dur

1Ouverture 1'27
2Allegro 2'13
3Allemande 4'16
4Courante 1'49
5Sarabande 2'28
6Gigue en Sol majeur KV 574
G major / G-dur 1'20
Sonate en Mi bémol majeur KV 282 (189g)
E flat major / Es-dur

7Adagio 6'14
8Menuetto I & II 3'21
9Allegro 3'02
1010 Variations en Sol majeur KV 455
G major / G-dur 12'49
11Fantaisie en do mineur KV 475
C minor / c-moll 12'40
Sonate en do mineur KV 457
C minor / c-moll

12Molto allegro 7'20
13Adagio 7'10
14Allegro assai4'31
Disc 2

Sonate pour piano K.330 (300h)
en Ut majeur / C major /C-dur

1Allegro moderato 6'27
2Andante cantabile 5'48
3Allegretto 5'29
Sonate pour piano K.332 (300k)
en Fa majeur / F major / F-dur

7Allegro 9'47
8Adagio 4'15
9Allegro assai 7'16
Sonate pour piano K.331 (300i)
en La majeur / A major /A-dur

4Andante grazioso (thème et variations) 12'37
5Menuetto - Trio 6'08
6Alla turca . Allegretto 3'38

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