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VILLA-LOBOS: Piano Works, Vol 3 - Alfred Heller

VILLA-LOBOS: Piano Works, Vol 3 - Alfred Heller

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Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)

Alfred Heller

… the highlight of this CD is the last piece, ‘Rudopoema’... Here Villa-Lobos really shows what he is capable of. Technically, it asks much of the pianist, but technique alone is not enough. … Alfred Heller is without doubt equal to the task and I must say, in this piece he is at his very best … The sound engineers have delivered a good piece of work with this CD. Reformatorisch Dagblad (NL)

The protégé of Villa-Lobos, conductor of orchestras in Hungary and America, [Heller] delivers a fascinating performance of ‘Rudepoema’, the most extraordinary and difficult piece of 20th century literature dedicated to Arthur Rubinstein... Le Monde de la Musique

1 Carnaval das Crianças (Children’s Carnival) 12:43
2 Simples Coletânea (Simple Collection) Valsa Mistica, Num Berço Encantado, Rodante 05:41
3 Françette e Piá 14:59
4 As Três Marias (The Three Marys) 03:33
6 Rudepoema (Uncultivated Poem) 19:13
5 Homenagem a Chopin (Homage to Chopin) 07:12

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