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Ravel: Ma Mere L'oye, Le Tombeau de Couperin - Frangois Xavier Roth

Ravel: Ma Mere L'oye, Le Tombeau de Couperin - Frangois Xavier Roth



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When Ravel orchestrated his works, the scoring emerged with total spontaneity, for he had already worked out his orchestral colors with immense care at the piano. His fascination with the Orient, the fantastic, poetic homages, the enthralling world of childhood - everything here is suffused with subtle refinement. His use of forms inherited from the 18th century is heard in his choice of sonorities suited for storytelling. These performances of Ma mére l'Oye, Shéhérazade and Le Tombeau de Couperin from Fançois-Xavier Roth and the Les Siècles forces recreate Ravel's magical world.

1 1. Ma Mère L'oye (Ballett)
2 Präludium: TRÈS Lent (003:05)
3 Danse Du Rouet - Szene: Allegro (001:58)
4 Interludium: Un Peu Moins Animé (001:15)
5 Pavane de la Belle Au Bois Dormant: Lent (001:38)
6 Interludium: Plus Lent (000:50)
7 Les Entretiens de la Belle Et de la Bête (Walzer: Modéré) (004:00)
8 Interludium: Lent (000:40)
9 Petit Poucet (TRÈS Modéré) (003:32)
10 Interludium: Lent (001:20)
11 Laideronnette, Impératrice Des Pagodes (Marsch) (003:24)
12 Interludium: Allegro (001:07)
13 Apotheose: Le Jardin Féerique (Lent Et Grave) (003:39)
14 13. Scheherazade-Ouvertüre (Ouverture de Féerie) (013:18)
15 14. Le Tombeau de Couperin (FÜR Orchester)
16 1. Präludium: Vif (003:00)
17 2. Forlane: Allegretto (005:39)
18 3. Menuett: Allegro Moderato (004:42)
19 4. Rigaudon: Assez Vif (003:16)

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