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Regine Crespin: Portrait (10 CDs)

Regine Crespin: Portrait (10 CDs)


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Inimitable in her native French, but equally superb in German and Italian, Régine Crespin was one of the reigning prima donnas of her era. Few sopranos could match her in encompassing epic heroism and intimate refinement, noble tragedy and suggestive wit, opera and operetta, art song and jazz. Her sensuous tone, verbal acuity and stylish phrasing illuminate this collection of her most important recorded recitals and substantial highlights fromLes Troyens, Tosca (sung in French) andHérodiade. They all provide indisputable evidence that Crespin, who was born in Marseille in 1927 and died in Paris 80 year later, was one of the greatest singers that France has produced.

1) Rossini: "Dark Forest" from the Opera "William Tell"
2) Verdi: From the Opera "Trovatore" "My Worry?... on the Wings of Love's Rose Color"
3) Verdi: "Ave Maria" from the Opera "Otello"
4) Wagner: From the Opera "Tannhäuser" "Sublime Hall of Fame"
5) Wagner: "Elisabeth's Prayer" from the Opera "Tannhuiser"
6) Berlioz: "From the Fantastic Punishment of Faust", "To the Thought of Burning Love"
7) Gouno: From the Opera 'Sappho' ' My Immortal Harp '
8) Gluck: From the Opera "Alceste", "Yomeji No Gods"
1) Wagner: From the Opera "Lohengrin" "From a Lonely Day, in a Dark Day"
2) Wagner: From the Opera "Lohengrin" "Wind: You"
3) Wagner: From the Musical Theater "Valkyrie", "Let Me Tell You How Weapons Exist"
4) Wagner: "You Child of You" from the Stage Sacred Celebration Play "Parsifal"
5) Wagner: "Song of Wesendunk" (5 Songs in Total)
1) Gounod: From the Opera "The Queen of Sheba" "In the Dark Night"
2) Gnault: From the Opera "Sappho" " My Immortal Harp "
3) Laye: "Outstandingness of the Day" from Opera "Syiru"
4) Alevy: "From the Opera" Judea's Woman " That Person Comes "
5) Gouno: From the Opera "Faust" "There Was a King in Turet in the Old Days"
6) Massenet: From the Oratorio "Mary of Magdalene" "Oh, My Sisters"
7) Massenet: From the Opera "Wertelle" "Welter! Who Can Say in This Breast?"
1) Verdi: "Quiet Night" from the Opera "Trovatore"
2) Verdi: From the Opera "Masquerade", "Let's Die, But Before That"
3) Verdi: "Ave Maria" from the Opera "Otello"
4) Ponchiori: "Suicide!" from the Opera "Joconda"
5) Muscany: From the Opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" "Mom Also Knows"
6) Bait: From the Opera 'Mephistophele', 'That Night at the Bottom of the Sea'
1) Ravel: Song Collection "Sheerazade"
2) Song Collection "Night in Summer"
1) Verdi: "Scary Place Here" from the Opera "Mask Ball"
2) Verdi: "From the Opera" MacBeth " the Trace of Blood Is Still Here "
3) Verdi: "Cursed Beauty" from the Opera "Don Carlo"
4) Verdi: From the Opera "Don Carlo" "Those Who Know the Emptiness of the World"
5) Verdi: "Win and Return Home" from the Opera "Aida"
Schumann: 1-12) "Leader Kreis" Op.39 (12 Songs in Total)
Faure: 13) "Twilight" Op. 83 - 2,14) "Hidden" Op. 23 - 3,15) "On the Banks of the River" Op. 8 - 1,16) "After the Dream" Op. -1,17) "Light of the Moon" Op.46-2
Cantreou: 18) "Spinning Woman", 19) "Cuckoo"
Roussel: 20) "The Heart in Danger" Op. 50 - 2
Sauge: 21) "Creole Lullabies"
1-5) "Queen Mary Stuart's Poem" Op.135 (5 Songs in Total)
6) "To Dawn,"
7) "Gardener"
8) "A Girl Who Was Abandoned"
9) "I Have a Nice Person in Penna"
10) "Tomb of Anakuleon"
11) "Secret Love"
12-14) "3 Songs of Bilitis" (3 Songs in Total)
15) "Song of Orcnies"
16) "Hotel"
17) "Small Pitcher"
18) "Queen of Hearts"
19) "Young People Going Out to the Festival"
20-21) "Two Verses of Louis Aragon" (2 Songs in Total)
1) Berlioz: "Les Grecs Ont Disparu" from the Opera "Trojans"
2) Berlioz: "Nous Avons Vu Finir" from the Opera "Trojans"
3) Berlioz: From the Opera "People of Troy", "Je Vais Mourir"
4) Massenet: "Ah! Salome! Dans Ce Palais" from the Opera "Erodiad"
5) Massenet: "Il Est Doux, Il Est Bon" from the Opera "Erodiad"
6) Massenet: "Calmez Donc Vos Fureurs" from the Opera "Erodiad"
7) Massenet: "Je Souffre" from the Opera "Erodiad"
8) Poulenc: "Mes Cheres Filles" from the Opera "Carmelite Nuns Dialogue"
9) Poulenc: "Mes Filles, Voila Que S'acheve" from the Opera "Carmelite Nuns Dialogue"
10) Offenbach: "Vous Souvient-Il, Ma Belle" from the Comedy Opera "Life in Paris"
11) Offenbach: "C'est Ici L 'Endroit Redoute Des Meres" from the Comedy "Life in Paris"
1) Puccini: "Tu T'enfermes" (French Singing) from the Opera "Tosca"
2) Puccini: "Tosca! Cachons-Nous D'elle!" (French Singing) from the Opera "Tosca"
3) Puccini: From the Opera "Tosca" "Victoire! Victoire! Luis Enfin, Jour Vengeur" ​​(French Singing)
4) Puccini: "Live in Song, Live in Love" (French Singing) from the Opera "Tosca"
5) Puccini: "Francise a Floria Tosca" (French Singing) from the Opera "Tosca"
- Georges Platelele (Conductor)
The National Opera Orchestra of Paris
[Recording] 1960, Stereo
6) Bizet: "Koi Is a Field Bird" from the Opera "Carmen"
7) Bizet: From the Opera "Carmen" "Near the Castle Walls of Seville"
8) Bizet: "Gypsy No Uta" from the Opera "Carmen"
9) Offenbach: From the Opera "La Pericol" "Love Man"
10) Offenbach: From the Opera "La Pericol" "Oh! What a Nice Dinner"
11) Offenbach: From the Opera "La Pericol" "You Are Not Handsome,"
12) Claude Boring: "Dites-Le Avec Des Fleurs"
13) Eudor Rancurel: "La Tantina de Burgos"
14) Georges Lifermann: "Hector"

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