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FLAGSTAD RECITALS, VOLUME 1 - Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Wolf, Strauss (2 CDs)

FLAGSTAD RECITALS, VOLUME 1 - Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Wolf, Strauss (2 CDs)


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The first of four 2-CD ‘Flagstad Recitals’ features Kirsten Flagstad in Brahms and Schubert on CD1 as well as CD premieres of songs by Schumann (including her previously unpublished ‘Zum Schluss’), Strauss, Wolf and Sinding on CD2. Her great power and control placed her among those with the natural capacity for success in the ‘big’ songs with its special thrill but there is no want of gentleness in the quieter ones. The American critic, Virgil Thomson, probably spoke for the whole audience when he wrote on Flagstad’s return to the United States in 1947: ‘Never in this writer’s concert-going lifetime has there been available any other vocal artistry of such sumptuous natural acoustics, such perfect technical control and such sound musicianship’.

‘Throughout, one is stirred by the sheer beauty of the sound’ Gramophone

‘deeply felt … wonderfully radiant tone … very touching’ [Brahms]

‘the operatic drama of ‘Der Erlkönig’ is as memorable as the gently ravishing cantilena of ‘Am Grabe Anselmos’
The Penguin Guide to Bargain Compact Discs

‘…worth having for the Wolf group alone’ Gramophone

Dem Unendlichen, D.291
Erlkönig, D.328 No. 1
Am Grabe Anselmos, D.504
Des Mädchens Klage, D.191b
Ave Maria (Ellens Gesang III), D.839

Vier Ernste Gesänge, Op.121
Treue Liebe, Op.7, No. 1
Am Sonntag Morgen, Op. 49, No. 1
Auf dem Kirchhofe, Op. 105, No. 4
Wie Melodien zieht es mir, Op. 105, No. 1
Alte Liebe, Op. 72, No. 1
Bei dir sind meine Gedanken
Wie wandelten, Op. 96, No. 2
Dein blaues Auge, Op. 59, No. 8

Der Nussbaum, Op. 25, No. 3
Soldatenbraut, Op. 64, No. 1
Meine Rose, Op. 90, No. 2
Liebeslied, Op. 51, No. 5
Die Lotosblume, Op. 25, No. 7
Widmung, Op. 25, No. 1
Erstes Grün, Op. 35, No. 4
In der Fremde Liederkreis, Op. 39
Zum Schluss, Op. 25, No. 26 (PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED)

Gesang Weylas Mörike-Lieder No. 46
Gebet Mörike-Lieder No. 28
Über Nacht Lieder aus der Jugendzeit
Der Freund
Heb’ auf dein blondes Haupt Italienisches Liederbuch
Anakreons Grab
Zur Ruh, zur Ruh!

Befreit, Op. 39, No. 4
Mit deinen blauen Augen, Op. 56, No. 4
Lob des Leidens, Op. 15, No. 3
Ich trage meine Minne, Op. 32, No. 1
Ständchen, Op. 17, No. 2
Geduld, Op. 10, No. 5

Leit etter livet og liv det! Op. 55, No. 5
Sylvelin, Op. 55, No. 1
Der skreg en fugl, Op. 18, No. 5
Den Jomfru gik i valmu-Vang? Op. 50, No. 5

Kirsten Flagstad, soprano
Edwin McArthur, piano

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