Stanley Turrentine: The Classic Blue Note Collection (4 CDs)

Stanley Turrentine: The Classic Blue Note Collection (4 CDs)

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A jazz tenor saxophonist of huge merit, Stanley Turrentine, often fondly nicknamed "The Sugar Man", pursued an illustrious career in jazz and R&B which spanned an impressive five decades. Finding his inspiration in blues, his eclectic use of style and form earned this gifted musician four Grammy nominations, and a back catalogue that boasts 30 records on which he is credited a leader, and numerous more as sideman. This 4CD boxset collates Stanley Turrentine's albums as leader - all released on the Blue Note label - across the earliest part of his lengthy musical career. Remaining revered to this day among jazz and soul, this collection serves as both a welcome reminder of the man's enormous talent, and complex yet approachable music, and as a fine starting point for those eager to discover arguably the best music the esteemed musical Mr. T ever produced

- Disc 1 -
1 Look Out!
2 Journey Into Melody
3 Return Engagement
4 Little Sheri
5 Tiny Capers
6 Minor Chant
7 I Want a Little Girl
8 Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You
9 Blue Riff
10 Since I Fell for You
11 Willow Weep for Me

- Disc 2 -
1 My Girl Is Just Enough Woman for Me
2 Then I'll Be Tired of You
3 Fine Li'l Lass
4 Thomasville
5 Someone to Watch Over Me
6 Stolen Sweets
7 But Not for Me
8 Stanley's Time
9 Broadway
10 Yesterdays

- Disc 3 -
1 Later at Minton's
2 Come Rain or Come Shine
3 Love for Sale
4 Summertime
5 Baia
6 Wee Hour Theme
7 My Shining Hour
8 Troubles of the World
9 Yesterdays
10 Dearly Beloved
11 Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You

- Disc 4 -
1 Z.T.'s Blues
2 More Than You Know
3 The Lamp Is Low
4 The Way You Look Tonight
5 For Heaven's Sake
6 I Wish I Knew
7 Be My Love
8 Smile, Stacey
9 Soft Pedal Blues
10 Pia
11 We'll See Yaw'll After While
12 Dorene Don't Cry
13 Light Blue