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TAVENER: Fall and Ressurection - BBC Singers (DVD)

TAVENER: Fall and Ressurection - BBC Singers (DVD)

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Tavener: Fall and Resurrection (BBC Singers)

Patricia Rozario (Soprano); Michael Chance (Counter-tenor); Martyn Hill (psaltis); Adrian Peacock (Voice of God/Christ/Devil); Stephen Richardson (Bass);

The World Premiere performance of Sir John Tavener's epic work written for the new millennium, recorded in St Paul's Cathedral, London, in January 2000. The composer makes full use of the remarkable acoustic of St Paul's, presented here in breath-taking 5.1 Surround Sound.

"Although one can never fully capture the atmosphere of a live performance, this DVD...brings you as close as you can get. Indeed for a piece of music…that largely consists of a series of grand effects perhaps it is even in some way enhanced on DVD. The vast architecture and acoustics of St Paul’s Cathedral are exploited to the full in a colourful kind of son et lumiére which is well captured by intelligent camera work and very clear surround sound. There are some wonderful aural effects; for example, the thundering climax of the final ‘Cosmic Dance of the Resurrection’, with full organ and peal of Easter bells, is quite overwhelming...This is a well presented ‘collector’s edition’, providing everything possible to increase the listener’s appreciation of the piece." (Choir & Organ)

"By any standards, the closing minutes made an overwhelming impression...A thunderous climax echoed round the great dome of St Paul's..." (The Times)

"From the opening where the hall was swathed in a purple light and a shimmering sound, to the climax complete with blaring ram’s horns, Fall and Resurrection conveyed the right balance of structure and feeling, of heart and soul." (The Daily Express)

"This collection of some of John Tavener's most attractive choral pieces is not only beautifully sung by The Choir, a professional group founded in 1999, but imaginatively presented. Using virtual-reality techniques, the 14 singers, recorded in a Dutch television studio in Hilversum, are placed against the background of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (what was in medieval times the church of St Sophia)...A fine DVD première for Tavener's music." (The Penguin Guide)

Extra features
The Eye of the Heart' - Sir John Tavener talks about his beliefs and music. Introduction to the work and interview with Sir John Tavener by Stephanie Hughes.

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