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1. First Love-The Dave Clark Five

2. It Only Took A Minute-Joe Brown & The Bruvvers

3. Long Gone Baby-Buddy Britten & The Regents

4. Theme From Z Cars-Johnny Keating

5. Roses Are Red (My Love)-David MacBeth

6. Back On The Scene-Carter Lewis & The Southerners

7. The Saint (Theme From The TV Series)-The Les Reed Strings

8. I Know Where I'm Going-The Countrymen

9. After You've Gone-Emile Ford & The Checkmates

10. Lone Rider-The Fabulous Fleerekkers

11. Jezebel-Davy Jones

12. Evil Eye-Al Saxon

13. Who Does He Think He Is-Penny

14. Some Of These Days-Dick Jordon

15. Crazy Mixed Up Kid-Joe Brown

16. Pop-Pop-Pop-Pie-Simone Jackson

17. Sir Francis Drake (From The TV Series)-The Piccadilly Strings

18. All Of Me-Jackie Lynton

19. My Resistance Is Low-Jim Dale

20. Don't Want To Cry-The Kestrels


1. A Picture Of You-Joe Brown & The Bruvvers

2. Here's Hopin'-Carter Lewis

3. I Walk The Line-The Dave Clark Five

4. It Might As Well Rain Until September-The DeLaine Sisters

5. My Pride, My Joy-Buddy Britten & The Regents

6. Honest I Do-Danny Storm

7. All The Other Girls-Donna Douglas

8. Problem Girl-The Chariots

9. Stage To Cimarron-The Fleerekkers

10. Half Of My Heart-Emile Ford & The Checkmates

11. Fortune Teller-Dick Jordon

12. When's He Gonna Kiss Me-Candy Sparling

13. Rockin' Minstrel-Checkmates

14. Cinderella Romeo-David Martin

15. Unforgettable-Cleo Laine

16. There I've Said It Again-Al Saxon

17. Black Buffalo-The Fleerekkers

18. Thin Chow Min-Des O'Conner

19. Ecstasy-Oliver Reed

20. Just As Long As (You Belong To Me)-Vince Hill


1. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now-Emile Ford & The Checkmates

2. Sunburst-The Fleerekkers

3. Your Tender Look-Joe Brown & The Bruvvers

4. The Message In A Bottle-Donna Douglas

5. Ya Ya-Johnny Keating & The Z Men

6. Don't Come Crying To Me-Davy Jones

7. She's Mine-Ronnie Hall

8. So Much In Love-Carter Lewis & The Southerners

9. The Celtic Song-Glen Daly

10. Wishful Thinking-Jackie Lynton

11. Twist Drive-Des O'Conner

12. Why Have You Treated Me This Way-David Martin

13. Theme From Dr. Finlay's Casebook (March From A Little Suite)-The Les Reed

14. The Enchanted Sea-The Countrymen

15. Cha Cha On The Moon-Pat Reader

16. Love Me With All Your Heart-The Kestrels

17. Baby, It's Cold Outside-Joyce Blair & Oliver Reed

18. The Oh-Be-Joyfuls-Bruce Forsyth

19. Something's Gotta Give-Cleo Laine

20. The Rivers Run Dry-Vince Hill

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