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Avantgarde: The New Thing - Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor (10 CDs)

Avantgarde: The New Thing - Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor (10 CDs)

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John Coltrane - Out Of This World
John Coltrane - Soul Eyes
John Coltrane - The Inch Worm
John Coltrane - Tunji
John Coltrane - Miles' Mode
John Coltrane - Africa
John Coltrane - Greensleeves
John Coltrane - Blues Minor
John Coltrane - Invisible

CD 2
Ornette Coleman - The Blessing
Ornette Coleman - Jayne
Ornette Coleman - Chippie
Ornette Coleman - The Disguise
Ornette Coleman - Angel Voice
Ornette Coleman - Alpha
Ornette Coleman - When Will The Blues Leave?
Ornette Coleman - The Sphinx

CD 3
Eric Dolphy - Mrs. Parker Of K.C. (Bird's Mother)
Eric Dolphy - Ode To Charlie Parker
Eric Dolphy - Far Cry
Eric Dolphy - Miss Ann
Eric Dolphy - Left Alone
Eric Dolphy - Tenderly
Eric Dolphy - It's Magic
Jimmy Giuffre - Pony Express
Jimmy Giuffre - Apaches
Jimmy Giuffre - Saturday Night Dance
Jimmy Giuffre - Big Pow Wow
Jimmy Giuffre - Topsy
Jimmy Giuffre - Blue Monk

CD 4
Teddy Charles - Vibrations
Teddy Charles - The Quiet Time
Teddy Charles - The Emperor
Teddy Charles - Nature Boy
Teddy Charles - Green Blues
Teddy Charles - You Go To My Head
Teddy Charles - Lydian M-1
Johnny Griffin - Soft And Furry
Johnny Griffin - In The Still Of The Night
Johnny Griffin - The Last Of The Fat Pants
Johnny Griffin - Same To You
Johnny Griffin - Connie's Bounce
Johnny Griffin - Situation
Johnny Griffin - Nocturn
Johnny Griffin - Why Not?
Johnny Griffin - As We All Know

CD 5
Charles Mingus - Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Charles Mingus - Cryin' Blues
Charles Mingus - Moanin'
Charles Mingus - Tensions
Charles Mingus - My Jelly Roll Soul
Charles Mingus - E's Flat Ah's Flat Too
Steve Lacy - The Mystery Song
Steve Lacy - Evidence
Steve Lacy - Let's Cool One
Steve Lacy - San Francisco Holiday
Steve Lacy - Something To Live For
Steve Lacy - Who Knows

CD 6
George Russell Sextet - Ezz-thetic
George Russell Sextet - Nardis
George Russell Sextet - Lydiot
George Russell Sextet - Thoughts
George Russell Sextet - Honesty
George Russell Sextet - Round Midnight

CD 7
Gil Evans - Moon Taj
Gil Evans - Pots
Gil Evans - Angkor Wat
Gil Evans - Bulbs
Gil Evans - Barry's Tune
Gil Evans - Mixed
John Lewis - Abstraction
John Lewis - Piece For Guitar & Strings
John Lewis - Variant I
John Lewis - Variant II
John Lewis - Variant III
John Lewis - Variant I
John Lewis - Variant II
John Lewis - Variant III
John Lewis - Variant IV

CD 8
Sun Ra - Enlightenment
Sun Ra - Saturn
Sun Ra - Velvet
Sun Ra - Ancient Aiethopia
Sun Ra - Hours After
Sun Ra - Horoscope
Sun Ra - Images
Sun Ra - Blues At Midnight

CD 9
Albert Ayler - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
Albert Ayler - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Albert Ayler - Moanin'
Albert Ayler - Good Bait
Cecil Taylor & John Coltrane - Shifting Down
Cecil Taylor & John Coltrane - Just Friends
Cecil Taylor & John Coltrane - Like Someone In Love
Cecil Taylor & John Coltrane - Double Clutching

CD 10
Cecil Taylor - Bemsha Swing
Cecil Taylor - Charge 'Em Blues
Cecil Taylor - Azure
Cecil Taylor - Song
Cecil Taylor - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Cecil Taylor - Rickkickshaw

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