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World Anthems - Millar Brass Ensemble, Stephen Squires

World Anthems - Millar Brass Ensemble, Stephen Squires


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1 United States of America: The Star-Spangle Banner
2 United Kingdom (God Save the Queen)
3 Canada (O Canada)
4 Italy: Inno Di Mameli (Mameli Hymn)
5 Argentina
6 South Africa: Nkosi Sikelel' ¡Afrika (God Bless Africa) /Die Stem Van S
7 Ukraine
8 India: Jana Gana Mana
9 Hungary
10 France: La Marseillaise
11 China: March of the Volunteers
12 Slovakia: Nad Tatru Sa Blyska
13 Czech Republic: Kde Domov Muj? (Where Is My Home?)
14 Venezuela: Gloria Bravo Pueblo Quel Yugo Lanzo (Glory to the Brave Nati
15 Egypt: Biladi (My Homeland)
16 Russia
17 Spain: Marcha Real (Royal March)
18 Trinidad and Tobago: Forged from the Love of Liberty
19 Jordan: Asha Al Maleek (Long Live the King!)
20 Belgium: La Brabançonne
21 Ireland: Amhran Na Bhfiann (The Soldier's Song)
22 Greece: Imnos Eis Tin Eleftherian (Hymn to Freedom)
23 Chile
24 Finland: Maame Laulu (Our Land)
25 Kenya
26 South Korea
27 Israel: Hatikvah (The Hope)
28 Denmark: Kong Kristian (King Kristian)
29 Bulgaria
30 Brazil
31 Japan
32 Monaco
33 Latvia
34 Mexico
35 New Zealand: God Defend New Zealand
36 Ethiopia
37 Sweden
38 Poland
39 Lithuania
40 Taiwan
41 Indonesia
42 Germany
43 Estonia
44 Wilhelmus Van Nassaouwe (William of Nassau Am I) (Netherlands)
45 Norway (Ja VI Elsker Dette Landet)
46 Austria
47 Turkey: Istiklal Marsi (The March of Independence)
48 Australia: Advance Australia Fair

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