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Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories - Stile Antico

Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories - Stile Antico

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Stile Antico

The office of Tenebrae, from the liturgy of Holy Week, has always fascinated the public and, above all, offered a fertile terrain for composers to exercise their gifts. Such was the case with Victoria, whose exclusively sacred output, nourished by the multiple influences of his years in Rome, offers a place of choice to Tenebrae settings. These Responsories display unparalleled expressive power and amply justify his reputation as the greatest polyphonist of the Spanish Renaissance.

Tomás Luis de Victoria [1548-1611]

Maundy Thursday Responsories
Second and Third Nocturns

1Amicus meus 2'59
2Judas mercator 2'26
3Unus ex discipulis meis 2'26
4Eram quasi agnus 3'06
5Una hora 2'51
6Seniores populi 2'40

Incipit lamentatio Jeremiæ 3'33
Tomás Luis de Victoria [1548-1611]

Good Friday Responsories
Second and Third Nocturns

8Tamquam ad latronem 3'39
9Tenebræ factæ sunt 4'27
10Animam meam dilectam 4'35
11Tradiderunt me 2'13
12Jesum tradidit impius 3'03
13Caligaverunt oculi mei 4'28

De lamentatione Jeremiæ Prophetæ 3'42
Tomás Luis de Victoria [1548-1611]

Holy Saturday Responsories
Second and Third Nocturns

15Recessit pastor noster 3'00
16O vos omnes 3'05
17Ecce quomodo moritur 3'26
18Astiterunt reges terræ 2'05
19Æstimatus sum 2'45
20Sepulto Domino 2'49

De lamentatione Jeremiæ Prophetæ 4'08
Tomás Luis de Victoria [1548-1611]

O Domine Jesu Christe 3'43
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