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TELEMANN: Twelve Violin Fantasias - Maya Magub

TELEMANN: Twelve Violin Fantasias - Maya Magub

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Maya Magub’s accounts confirm her musical allegiances in both modern and period camps – she uses a modified c.1760 Gagliano violin tuned to modern concert pitch, a relatively modern bow, a combination of gut and metal strings and a mixture of Baroque and contemporary performing practices. She brings to these intricate miniatures an aristocratic poise, and her technical command, extempore ornamentation and flexibility of pulse admirably capture the improvisatory character of each. She also commands a powerful dynamic range and uses vibrato sparingly, producing a varied palette of tonal colours.

This recording sheds new light on these much neglected gems of the solo violin repertoire. Maya Magub brings her experience of older performance style to this essentially modern recording. The works are miniature character pieces brimming with Baroque charm, lyricism and virtuosity displaying Telemann at his best.

1. Fantasia in B-Flat Major: Largo – Allegro – Grave – Si replica l’allegro
2. Fantasia in G Major: Largo – Allegro – Allegro
3. Fantasia in F minor: Adagio – Presto – Grave – Vivace
4. Fantasia in D Major: Vivace – Grave – Allegro
5. Fantasia in A Major: Allegro – Presto – Allegro – Presto – Andante – Allegro
6. Fantasia in E minor: Grave – Presto – Siciliana – Allegro
7. Fantasia in E-Flat Major: Dolce – Allegro – Largo – Presto
8. Fantasia in E Major: Piacevolmente – Spirituoso – Allegro
9. Fantasia in B minor: Siciliana – Vivace – Allegro
10. Fantasia in D Major: Presto – Largo – Allegro
11. Fantasia in F Major: Un poco vivace – Soave – Da capo un poco vivace – Allegro
12. Fantasia in A minor: Moderato – Vivace – Presto

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