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A Golden Age of Portuguese Music - The Sixteen

A Golden Age of Portuguese Music - The Sixteen


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It often takes one man to encourage excellence in the arts, and in the flourishing Portugal of the 1600s, at the forefront of world exploration, Dom João IV was very much that man. In his court, his favoured composers developed a unique style within the European heritage of sacred music, distinctly and devotionally Portuguese.

'Resplendent... The Sixteen bring a wonderfully intense sense to this music.' BBC Radio 3, Record Review

'All the music is of a high quality, and it is excellently performed... The Singers are quite superb ... one of the best and most interesting discs by The Sixteen in recent years, and the sound is excellent.' Gramophone

João Lourenço Rebelo (1610-1661)
1. Super aspidem - Ps. 19 v13
2. Ecce nunc - Ps. 134
3. In te, Domine, speravi - Ps. 31 v1-6
4. Qui habitat - Ps. 91 v1-6
5. Fratres sobrii - Compline
6. Educes me - Ps.31 v5

Diogo Dias Melgás (1638-1700)
7. Popule meus - Improperia

8. Panis angelicus - Hymn

9. Lamentaçao de Quinta Feira Santa
10. Salve regina - Antiphon

11. Magnificat a13 - Canticle

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