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A Golden Treasury of Renaissance Music

A Golden Treasury of Renaissance Music


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1 England: en Vray Amour - Musica Antiqua of London
2 England: In Nomine a 5 'Crye' - Fretwork
3 England: Adieu My Hertes Iust - Musica Antiqua of London
4 England: Watkins Ale - the York Waits
5 England: In Nomine a 4, No.2 - Fretwork
6 England: Consort Pieces - Musica Antiqua of London
7 England: Le Souvenir - the York Waits
8 Italy: Occhi Del Pianto Mio - Musica Secreta
9 Italy: Toccata No.12 - Paula Chateauneuf
10 Italy: Amor Dormiglione - Musica Secreta/Suzie Le Blanc
11 Italy: Anello - the York Waits
12 Italy: Ch'io Non T'ami Cor Mio - Musica Secreta
13 Italy: Mercantia - the York Waits
14 Italy: Liberta: Non CI Iusinghi Piu - Musica Secreta
15 Germany: In Feuers Hitz - the York Waits
16 Germany: Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen - the York Waits
17 France: Bransles de Champagne - the York Waits
18 France: L'amour de Moi (A 3) - Musica Antiqua of London
19 France: Baisez Moi (A 3)/J'ay Le Rebours (A 4) - Musica Antiqua of London
20 France: Pavane Et Galliarde D'angleterre (A 5) - Musica Antiqua of London
21 France: Don't Vient Cela (A 4) - Musica Antiqua of London
22 France: Tuba Gallicalis - the York Waits
23 Low Countries: Missa Pro Defunctis (Kyrie) - New London CHM Chor
24 Low Countries: Je Veuil Chanter de Cuer Joyeux - Frances Kelly/Bray Pins
25 Low Countries: Nato Canunt Omnia - New London CHM Chor
26 Low Countries: Den Haghel Ende Die Calde Snee - the York Waits
27 Low Countries: Preter Rerum Seriem - New London CHM Chor
28 Spain: Fantasia Que Contrahaze la Harpa en la Manera de Luduvico - Nigel North
29 Spain: Todos los Biennes Del Mundo/Dindirin, Dindirin - the York Waits

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