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MOZART: Apollo et Hyacinthus, K. 38 - Classical Opera, Ian Page (HYBRID SACD)

MOZART: Apollo et Hyacinthus, K. 38 - Classical Opera, Ian Page (HYBRID SACD)



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Following it's successful full length opera, 'Artaxerxes', Classical Opera return with the first in an epic series of Mozart operas 'Apollo et Hyacinthus'. Classical Opera was founded in 1997 by conductor Ian Page. It specializes in the music of Mozart and his contemporaries, performing with it's own period-instrument orchestra, and is considered one of Britain's most exciting and highly regarded young arts organizations. The company features a mix of seasoned and young performers including Klara Ek (Melia), Sophie Bevan (Hyacinthus), Lawrence Zazzo (Apollo), Christopher Ainslie (Zephyrus), Andrew Kennedy (Oebalus), Marcus Farnsworth and David Shipley (Priests of Apollo). These young singers and a period-instrument orchestra deliver uniformly superb interpretations.

1 Intrada
2 Act One: Recitativo - Amice! Iam Parata Sunt Omnia (Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia)
3 Act One: No. 1 Chorus Et Oebalus -Numen O Latonium! (Chorus, Oebalus)
4 Act One: Recitativo - Heu Me! Perimus! (Melia, Oebalus, Hyacinthus, Zephyrus)
5 Act One: No. 2 Aria - Saepe Terrent Numina (Hyacinthus)
6 Act One: Recitativo - Ah Nate! Vera Loqueris
7 Act One: No. 3 Aria - Iam Pastor Apollo (Apollo)
8 Act Two: Recitativo - Amare Numquid Filia (Oebalus, Melia)
9 Act Two: No. 4 Aria - Laetari, Iocari (Melia)
10 Act Two: Recitativo - Rex ! de Salute Filii Est Actum (Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia)
11 Act Two: No. 5 Aria - en! Duos Conspicis (Zephyrus)
12 Act Two: Recitativo- Heu ! Numen ! Ecce ! (Zephyrus, Melia, Apollo)
13 Act Two: No. 6 Duetto - Discede Crudelis! (Melia, Apollo)
14 . Act Three: Recitativo - Non Est - Quis Ergo (Hyacinthus, Oebalus)
15 Act Three: No. 7 Aria - Ut Navis in Aequore Luxuriante (Oebalus)
16 Act Three: Recitativo - Quocumque Me Converto (Melia, Oebalus)
17 Act Three: No. 8 Duetto - Natus Cadit (Oebalus, Melia)
18 Act Three: Recitativo - Rex! Me Redire Cogit (Apollo, Oebalus, Melia) 19. Act Three: No. 9 Terzetto - Tandem Post Turbida Fulmina (Apollo, Melia, Oebalus)

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