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Children's Singing Games

Children's Singing Games


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A wealth of skipping, ball-bouncing, dipping, line and ring games from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales recorded by Fr Damian Webb in the 1960s whilst the traditions continued in play-ground and street. Dozens of intriguing examples.

1 Singing Games: King William Was King Davis's Son/Cock Robin Is
2 Dipping Rhymes/One Potato, Two Potato/Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, Put the Baby
3 Skipping: I Am a Little Orphan Girl/Raspberry Strawberry
4 Clapping/The Spaceman Said, My Mother Is a Baker/Who Stole the
5 Two-Ball Games/Olicha Bolicha Sister Cololicha/Lemonade, Fizzy-Pop
6 More Singing Games/Down in the Meadow/Queenio, Queenio Who's Got
7 Spanish Lady/Someone Under the Bed/Jack, Jack Cross the Water/I
8 We Are the Mercy Girls, I'm Shirley Templ/Under the Brown Bush/I
9 We Are Three Wee Gallis Girls/Lost My Love in the Kerney/German

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