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More than just sea chanteys, maritime musical tradition encompasses an ocean of songs from people who have lived and worked on the water. Onboard are Folkways favorite singers-Dave Van Ronk and the Foc’sle Singers, Lead Belly, and Paul Clayton and many more. Classic Maritime takes you from the folk songs of Martha’s Vineyard down to the Bahamas and beyond. Compiled and annotated by Jeff Place. Extensive liner notes, a whopping 32 tracks, 68 minutes of music!

Roll Alabama Roll (The Alabama) The X Seamen’s Institute 03:04

Shenandoah The X Seamen’s Institute 03:31

Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Roll Sam Eskin 01:37

Greenland Whale Fisheries Stuart Gillespie 02:16

Paddy Doyle’s Boots Alan Mills and the Shantymen 00:42

The Black Ball Line The Foc'sle Singers 01:04

The Sloop John B. The Dicey Doh Singers 02:14

Tommy's Gone to Hilo Stuart M. Frank 01:03

Lord Franklin (Lady Franklin's Lament) The Gold Ring 02:17

The Handsome Cabin Boy Stuart Gillespie 02:28

Rio Grande The Foc'sle Singers 02:49

Run Come See The X Seamen’s Institute 02:46

Ten Penny Bit (Swallow Tail Jig) (Instrumental) Ellen Cohn 01:33

South Australia Stan Hugill 03:10

Haul Away Joe Lead Belly 02:54

Blood Red Roses Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd and Chorus 01:39

All for Me Grog Louis Killen, Jeff and Gerrett Warner and Fud Benson 03:09

Haul on the Bowline The Foc'sle Singers 01:23

Bully in the Alley Morrigan 01:45

Chesapeake Born Tom and Mark Wisner 04:19

A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd and Chorus 01:55

Dredgin' is My Drudgery Tom and Mark Wisner 02:32

Liverpool Judies (Instrumental) Stuart M. Frank 01:11

Santiano (Santy Anna) The X Seamen’s Institute, Lou Killen and Stan Hugill 01:48

Reuben Ranzo The X Seamen’s Institute 01:31

The Girls Around Cape Horn Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski 02:24

Adieu My Lovely Nancey Morrigan 02:25

The Dreadnaught Tom Sullivan 03:33

Married to a Mermaid Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski 01:36

Boney The X-Seamen’s Institute 01:12

Homeward Bound/The Old Slipper Shoe (Instrumental) Tom Sullivan 01:58

Homeward Bound Stuart M. Frank 02:31

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