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Cockney Kings of Music Hall

Cockney Kings of Music Hall


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The major stars of the London Music Hall stage from 1899 to 1931 from the original recordings.

1 If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses in Between
2 Any Old Iron
3 The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
4 Wait a Minute
5 Meat! Meat!
6 And the Fog Grew Thicker and Thicker
7 The Coster's Christening
8 And His Day's Work Was Done
9 I've Only Been Married a Week
10 The Penny Whistler
11 I'm Getting Ready for My Mother-In-Law
12 I've Only Come for the Day
13 The Germans Are Coming, So They Say
14 Inquisitive Kiddie
15 Down the Road
16 The Day That I Become a Millionaire
17 The May-Day Fireman
18 Mamma's Darling Boy
19 Man!
20 My Next Door Neighbour's Garden
21 Won't Yer Buy Some Beer
22 The King of Karactacus
23 Right As Ninepence
24 Should Husbands Work?
25 Boiled Beef and Carrots

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