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COLONNA: Triumphate Fideles - Complete motets for solo voice (2 CDS)

COLONNA: Triumphate Fideles - Complete motets for solo voice (2 CDS)

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Giovanni Colonna: Triumphate Fideles

Complete motets for solo voice and instruments

Francesca Cassinari (soprano), Elena Carzaniga (alto), Paolo Borgonovo (tenor), Salvo Vitale (bass), Carlo Centemeri (organ)

Astrarium Consort

First recordings by Giovanni Colonna (1637-1695), who was the Music Director of the famous church San Petronio in his native Bologna. He composed his Sacred Motets for liturgical use, on devotional texts in Latin. This set presents the complete motets for solo voice and basso continuo, consisting of several movements, written for alternatively soprano, alto, tenor and bass. It is music of great beauty, expressing the emotional content of the text, from repentance to joy, from intimacy to exultation.

These are excellent performances by 4 Italian soloists and the instrumental ensemble Astrarium Consort, led by Carlo Centemeri, who has already successfully recorded for Brilliant Classics - chamber music by Bassani (BC94259) and Albinoni (BC94852). Centemeri himself wrote the scholarly liner notes.

Colonna, G P: Ad gaudia gentes Throughout the Year, GPC26
Colonna, G P: Ad pugnas fideles, GPC22
Colonna, G P: Ecce iubar, ecce aurorae for a Saint, GPC19
Colonna, G P: O ingens divini presulis munus for a Saint, GPC28
Colonna, G P: O lucidissima dies
Colonna, G P: Sacri amoris ad ardores for the Blessed, GPC30

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