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Early Cante Flamenco: Classic Recordings from the 1930's

Early Cante Flamenco: Classic Recordings from the 1930's


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Cante flamenco is the vocal element of Spanish flamenco (guitar playing and dance are the other elements). The origin of cante flamenco is uncertain, but it is thought to have evolved from the songs of Spanish gitanos and from Jewish and Arabic chants and songs. Cante flamenco became popular in Spain in the early 20th century. This collection of songs was recorded in the 1930s by some of Spain’s most important flamenco singers including Manolo Caracol, Antonio Mairena, and perhaps the most innovative female flamenco, La Niña de Los Peines (Pastora Pavon).

1 Bulerias - Antonio Mairena
2 Cantes de Tomas Pavon - Tomas Pavon
3 Bulerias - Tomas Pavon
4 Solea de Alcala - Antonio Mairena
5 Saeta Por Martinete - Pepe Pinto
6 Cantes de Triana - Tomas Pavon
7 Soleares - Tomas Pavon
8 Alegrias - Antonio Mairena
9 Seguiriyas - Antonio Mairena
10 Martinete y Debla - Tomas Pavon
11 Soleares de Serneta - Tomas Pavon
12 Aquellos Fandangos - Pepe Pinto
13 Bulerias - Manolita de Jerez
14 Soleares - Manolita de Jerez
15 Fandangos - Nina de los Peines & Pepe Pinto
16 Media Granadina - Manuel Vallejo
17 De Haber Llorado Por Ti - Manolo Caracol
18 La Sentencia - Manolo Caracol
19 Mi Capona - Pepe Pinto
20 Hermanita, Sientate a Mi Vera Cuando Querra la Virgen Del Mayor Dolor - Pepe Pinto
21 Porque El Querer Da Experiencia - Manuel Vallejo
22 Ahorta Te Vas y Me Dejas - Nina de los Peine

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