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English Madrigals: The Tallis Scholars

English Madrigals: The Tallis Scholars


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1 Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints
2 Hark! Alleluia
3 Phyllis, I Fain Would Die Now
4 Cruel Madame
5 Ah Dear Heart
6 Draw on Sweet Night
7 All Creatures Now
8 Sleep, Fleshly Birth
9 Carters, Now Cast Down
10 Woe Is Me
11 Though Amaryllis Dance
12 The Silver Swan
13 When David Heard
14 Then David Mourned
15 Almighty God, the Fountain of All Wisdom
16 Woe Is Me
17 Be Strong and of a Good Courage
18 O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song
19 O God, the Proud Are Risen Against Me

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